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Buying a new BBQ (and smoker)


Yes agree the rotisserie is great!


Completely agree with that. I’d rather have a cheaper setup and cook good meat and good recipes than have an expensive or over elaborate setup and cook rubbish on it. That said, it’s worth getting something that’ll last a few years as anything else seems a bit of a false economy


Free sawdust…as long as there is no Laurel or Yew in there!!


A 30 minute bonfire certainly isn’t a cold smoke!

Two sides of salmon would be 12 hours plus for me at about 30-32C . Anything above 35c or certainly 40c for long and you’re starting to hot smoke it.

Need to brine for a day ahead too, or more for a big fish. I got a 20lb fish smoked and it was 36 hours in brine and 24 hours in the smoker.


I totally agree with Mark: You cant beat home smoked salmon - so MUCH more delicious than anything shop bought. I guess my shorter brine time reflects a smaller salmon side. Towards the end of the cold smoke I sometimes let it heat up for the last 10 mins to hot finish - just a personal preference. But if the juices start to run opaque white then it’s ruined.

Sea trout is trickier - I guess because less natural fat?.

Homemade bacon is wonderful, very versatile in the kitchen. Pastrami works well too.


Yes - avoid the poisonous species or softwood sawdust.

I have a carrier bag of chestnut which is excellent, and previously have had good results with cherry, maple and of course oak.

For whisky barrel oak chips try these folk, I buy my whisky from them - direct from cask to bottle. https://www.blackbarrelchips.co.uk/


Sea trout is generally smaller which probably makes it more challenging to cold smoke. I got my 20lb fish done professionally by a local smokehouse as I wanted it vac sealed and didn’t want to risk making a mess of it! We are allowed to keep so few salmon or sea trout these days that I tend only to keep one fish for Christmas. 20lber fed quite a lot though…got 11lb of smoked salmon. Much better than the flabby, oily bright orange stuff that is the usual farmed cr@p. Don’t get me started on salmon farming though…

I don’t cold smoke things myself now as it’s quite a faff getting the right kit together to do it properly, and have the space to do it. I hot smoke quite often though. I do cure my own pancetta/streaky bacon though.


You and me both…


Thanks for the tip Lapin and will give these a try. Their website makes no mention of whisky sales though. Do you have a separate link or any other details for that?


Here you go Mark - I wouldnt post if it was in competition to TWS. The oak chips firm is related to whiskybroker’s owner - hence the source of whisky barrels.

The whisky’s vary considerably (buyer beware) and truly evolve as the level in the bottle goes down. Generally less well known distilleries - Ardmore, Ben Nevis, Glen Moray etc- at very reasonable prices.

Apologies for deviation from the original BBq thread - wont happen again.


I just saw that Aldi have started selling a kamado style BBQ for £350. Looks like a pretty decent bit of kit and the best price I’ve seen for a kamado:



That’s a well stocked package for the price! It may be a blatant copy of a Big Green Egg but at a quarter of the price it’s going to sell very quickly!

One other (completely unrelated) note for anyone relying on a dome thermometer to cook with. Don’t forget to calibrate it every so often and especially when you set it up the first time!


Thanks! Looks interesting and will give them a try.


Thanks everyone for some great advice … you may have saved me lots of effort and (some) money

I’m not a proper BBQ expert and doing this research shows me I can probably eke out a few more years from my 14yo Weber Kettle before replacing it … and buying a cheaper multi-tool will probably not be worth it.

I do like the look of that Grill Grate tool for cooking food on more directly as well.

I’ve not even tried smoking with the weber, but I might as well try before I go ahead and spend a fortune.

So, I’m off to spruce up the older BBQ first and maybe look to replace a couple of bits like the grill for a lot less money than buying a new one, and spending the difference on some tools (and wine) instead



Hi everyone

I don’t know anything about smoking, but our barbecue has a lid. Would it have a tasty effect if I just chucked some rosemary twigs/stems on the coals and closed the lid for a few minutes?

The rosemary bush that came free with the house is looking a bit sad and, sticking out onto the patio, is frankly in the way of our budding cyclists - but I don’t just want to take it to the dump if I can put the wood to some culinary use.


I frequently use rosemary prunings for the barbeque. Don’t put too much green on or it will smoke a lot, unless you want that of course. Use some of the leaves chopped up in marinades etc.

The branches give a nice aroma.


Perfect! I’ll saw them down to size and make good use of them.

Thanks @MarkC :+1:


Must be quite substantial if you have to use a saw!


Some of it, yeah! :sweat_smile:


Help needed …
I have just opened the BBQ to find these grills and plates like this :sob:! Mr. Leah is damn lucky he is in the middle of the North Sea right now :rage:, any suggestions on cleaning these other than pure elbow grease and scrubbing :disappointed_relieved:?