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Buying a new BBQ (and smoker)


I normally find the best thing to do is heat up the BBQ very hot with the grills on, leave it for a while then give it a scrub with a wire brush.


Thanks I’ve scrubbed them but they’re still scruffy , I’ll put them back on and eat up the BBQ :+1::+1::+1:


you must be very ungry… :wink:


Maybe even ank Marvin!


That’s my approach as well, a good wire brush is a godsend

You can also improvise with a ball of tinfoil as a makeshift scrubber


Thanks @NickP, they were wire brushed and put back on … Mr.Leah will be monitored very carefully next time he is in the vicinity of the bbq … the pizza stones were a right state :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.


Sounds like he will be ON the barbeque if any repetition! I am a sinner in that regard too, but I second the heat it up very hot and get the wire brush out approach…


Oh yes!!


I bought a Weber e310 genesis ii today. I was very keen on a kamodo Joe but my wife wanted gas so there we go.


Thanks to this conversation I put some effort into cleaning and fixing my old Weber instead of junking it. You were right, it is still in good condition - these things last for ages.

I also put some effort into reading about BBQ skills rather than buying a machine to do it for me. I tried the “coals on one side and foil dish with water on the other” technique to help cooking rather than burning, and the food was AMAZING

So thank you all for saving me loads of wine money :slight_smile:


I had a go at a beer can chicken in my weber over weekend but result wasn’t 100% successful. The lid wouldn’t fit on with the chicken sitting upright on the grill so it had to sit on the lower grill with the coal at the back, I’d hoped with the lid on the heat would still be enough but it wasn’t so had to finish it off with a bit of direct cooking.


Heston has a trendy range available through John Lewis… Similar price to a Green egg.


In regards to your Weber resurrection may I recommend you buy the charcoal baskets. They easily allow you to switch between direct and indirect cooking simply by splitting the two halves. Also I assume you have the charcoal chimney to make lighting an absolute doddle. Enjoy rediscovering the joys of your Weber and what a cooking tool they are! We only bought a new one this year because the handle on our old one rusted through - it has been out in the cold and wet for years with no cover! Now we are discovering even more joys as we used the opportunity to upgrade!


I heard the theory behind beer can chicken is questionable, in that you cook your chicken to 74C so the beer would never actually be close to boiling and therefore might not make much difference. That said I’ve tried it and the result has always been pretty tasty. Probably just helps cook the chicken more slowly in reality, which isn’t a bad thing


A slightly off piste BBQ effort today - a full English

Turns out really well and gives a lovely smokey flavour to the mushrooms and bacon. Easy to get the bacon nice and crisp too, would recommend giving it a whirl!