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BYO lunch in the North (?) in autumn 2018


Wine has reached lancashire?! :dizzy_face:


I have joined some “offlines” in Leeds organjsed over on the offline forum of wine-pages.com. We usually go to Fettle on Friday evenings, and recently we had a Saturday lunch at Home. I am not sure how wine-friendly the food is at Fettle, but it is good, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The Home one was organised by a friend of the owners, and it was a bit of a one-off for them at the time, but it could be worth asking nicely if they would do BYO. It was really great experience. Wonderful food, and service, and highly recommended.

I’m based in Manchester. Could possibly join you in Leeds or York. Other cities mooted would be more tricky.


I’m in Manchester too. Maybe we could sort something out this side of the pennines?

In the meantimes, there’s a snall group of us doing BYO at Pasha in Withington (south Manc) Sat 18th August. Theme is Germany. Let me know if you, or anyone else, want to join us!


Long time ago, mi dad brought some back from Agincourt !!


This sounds great, and I might actually be able to attend. I have to see whether I can move something, but should be able to confirm by Friday, if that’s ok. Would you mind PMing me the details?


So having done nothing at all about this yet :woman_facepalming:t3:, been a very busy few weeks etc… and also because the “North” is such a large area , what are people’s thoughts on having 2 meet-ups?
I thought maybe one in Manchester and one in either Leeds or Newcastle ?? I’m open to suggestions though of course and am not discounting York . What are people’s thoughts ??


I’ll be passing through on the M6 on the 11th or 12th October! :wink:


Definitely up for one in Manchester. Could also maybe be tempted to Leeds or York, but less sure about that


Manchester, Leeds or York depending on date…if doing two Manchester please.:wine_glass::innocent::yum:


I’ll be only around Newcastle on 15/16 Oct.


a Newcastle BYO lunch sounds an excellent idea


You just have to keep going for the rest of the day, otherwise you fall asleep :sleeping:


Ha, that might add an interesting angle to school pick up :slight_smile:


I can do both but the poll won’t let me
@Leah :scream:


@Leah I can also do both dates at the moment (work days for me so something may come up but will try to keep free).


I can do both too :rofl:


Is there anyone else who can make a Newcastle meet up in October??


Newcastle BYOB October 15th/16th:

  • I can make Monday the 15th Oct
  • I can make Tues the 16th Oct
  • I can make both.

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I would very much like to make one or other of these dates, with a small preference for the Tuesday. Hope one or two more can make it too? Could do with booking the train soon, while at a reasonable price…


Great i’ll add you to the private group :}