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BYO lunch in the North (?) in autumn 2018


Have a great time in Newcastle !!!:wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::disappointed_relieved:


Sooooo how is February looking for people ? Again, open to venue suggestions and cities . Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out last time but let me know if anyone is still up for this ?


Yep, still interested here !!!


February sounds good


Next time I’ll be down in Newcastle will be one of the Easter weeks


At the moment, I could make most dates in Feb, March or April. Pre-Easter week best for me rather than the week after.


I’m still up for it, pretty flexible re dates at the moment, not school hols though.


any takers for spring 2020 ,?:heart_eyes::sunglasses:


We’re up for the newcastle burgundy tasting. Tea before followed by a community crew walkround?


Cannot BELIEVE I’m not going to make it…

But I can highly recommend Kaltur for dinner before, either on Dean st or High bridge st.
The French qtr is literally a stones throw from Station hotel but im not sure it is open on a Monday.