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BYO Monday dinner in London 4 February 2019



Either one, as long as the food is good.


Where do you guys normally go?


In theory both dates currently doable. 4th will be the evening after SuperBowl party night mind you…


… And girls! :wink:


We had two lunches so far. Hawksmoor Guildhall and Picture Fitzrovia


I always use the term guys to include any gender!! :wink:


Yep, that’s my you-plural as well. I can’t carry off y’all or youse and I need to fill that gap in the English language somehow…!


No hard feelings! It’s a cliche now, but in Brighton - fludity of gender is the norm :thinking:. I guess my plural alterntive (if one doesn’t feel all that Brightonian) would be “you people” - but hey! I’m splitting hairs here. :wink:


I could wear a dress, I suppose :wink:


But more seriously, another option could be Merchants Tavern (they’ll do free corkage on Mondays). Lorne and Noizé are also popular for this kind of thing.


I closed the poll and declare 4 February the winner. We will confirm attendance mid January then discuss location and wines in a private chat.

Put the date in the diaries…


I think I can come on 4 February too :slight_smile:


Is it time to start confirming attendance?


Please confirm attendance in the evening of 4 February 2019.

  • I will attend
  • I will NOT attend

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Let’s then take it then onto private chat on Friday. I will maybe nudge people who voted for this date during the week… for starters @Kent_wino @HarrierTB @woodap don’t miss this…


Hi Akos

just checking out restaurant with byo options on a Monday
Hawksmoor obviously at £5 a bottle
Jun Tanaka’s the Ninth I think offers zero corkage on a Monday
I think I could get a decent corkage deal at Pied a Terre
The Quality Chophouse is a possible
Possibility of negotiating a reasonable corkage fee at Elystan St
I cannot recommend Hix Oyster and Chop house

once we see how many commit, we can do some more work.



NPM restaurants all doing free corkage for Jan/Feb to Farr customers (and their guests). They may struggle if we’re a large group, though.
Merchants Tavern do it free on Mondays.
Let’s see how many we are!


Are you not attending now, @szaki1974? That’s a shame…


I could not make it work. Maybe next time…


Shame, you will be sorely missed


Hi @thewinelake, I had a look at Merchants Tavern. It looks tricky to get to, which is a shame. I think we should be looking at more accessible, centrally located options ?
Anyone else have view ?