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BYO Monday dinner in London 4 February 2019



Merchants Tavern is close to Old St tube, which is still zone 1, but not utterly central. I could make any restaurant in zone 1 work.

I think the NPM/Farr offer is one bottle per person but was only in January. Might be waived for the first Monday in Feb though!

There are quite a few places that do corkage for c. £20/bottle, but I’m not aware of any not listed above that’s £5 or less.


I would have loved to make suggestions, but know virtually nothing about places in London. Not sure if I’m the only one coming from outside London, but an accessible, fairly central location would be much appreciated… Other than that - I’m easy! :blush:


NPM offer includes Feb.
Might be useful to know where people are coming from. For anyone coming in to Kings Cross/Liverpool Street, Old Street is easy. Not so good if you’re coming from the West. NPMs are generally the opposite!
I’ve heard great things about Noizé, but would likely be £10. Might be able to get a deal at Meflar, but that’s a bit of a nightmare to get to by tube.


So far 7 have accepted, which is about the right amount before the glasses start to get a bit meagre and the number of wines over dinner a bit much IMHO.

Should we try to get a short list whittled down then have a vote? Based on comments above and a bit of poking around I could suggest the following as a short list:

  • Quality Chop House
  • Noizé
  • Ninth
  • NPM Restaurants (NB I have no knowledge of these places)

For the sake of expediency I’ve discounted the following:
Hawksmoor (previous venue, and always good to have a solid backup another time)
Lorne (BYO looks to be Wednesdays)
Merhcnats Tavern (question around ease of travel)

What do people think?
And can anyone volunteer to confirm corkage before we decide?


Next time we could organise a Wednesday… mental note taken

Last time there were 8 of us, still okay. Agree however that if it is more then it gets a bit tricky.


Will be coming from Brighton, so will be able to get to main hubs (depending on where we’ll end up) and then take the Tube.


Brighton’s pretty well served (in theory!) with Thameslink going right through and good for Kings Cross, etc. in addition to the more obvious routes.
I think we should prioritise on making it easy for out-of-towners?


If Kings Cross/Moorgate is such a common point, then it would seem a little rash to rule out Merchants Tavern. Noizé is a good option, being in Camden. NPMs are a little out of our way (but probably worth it!). Hawksmoor Guildhall would likely be a good option.

I might be able to rustle up another lady (if non-TWS guests are allowed?)


I will come from work in Moorgate and need to get back to north London, so central/east/north is easiest for me, but I can travel south or west within reason.


Really looking forward to this. I will be coming from NW London (Bakerloo line).


Coming from Moorgate


Quality Chop House is owned by Jancis Robinson and Nick Lander’s son!


apologies, i can not now make this one. i have a work dinner on the 5th so can’t really make the 4th as well!

have a great night.


Looking forward to this having missed the last lunch.
Should be a perfect antidote to the American Pale Ales & Chicken wings etc of the preceding nights SuperBowl party!

Travelling from Hitchin into Kings Cross / St Pancras so anywhere accessible via tube should be easy.


Looks like I’m the only lady again… :dancer::slight_smile:


Such a shame , I’m in London on the 5th and 6th :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:! Nevermind.


It’s just one evening early. You must come to dinner with us @Leah


I’d love to but for a number of reasons I won’t be able to… train booked, already 1 nights hotel and as Mr. Leah is away I’ve had to recruit the Irish grandparents over for babysitting duties . I don’t go back until quite late on the 6th if anyone is around though :wink:!


Oh, such a shame, @Leah! Would have been lovely to meet you… Next time, maybe?


I’d like to keep Hawksmoor In the possibles. Air St is a much nicer restaurant than Guildhall previously visited and well located 2 mins from Piccadilly Circus tube. I’ll fire off some emails tomorrow to see what deals we can get