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BYO Monday dinner in London 4 February 2019



I reckon Lorne would do us a deal.


ll see what they will do. Victoria, so good for me and @inbar, but a bit of a haul for those coming from N London and beyond.


North Londoners should consider themselves lucky!

Merchants Tavern is a good option. However, my brother has an interest ini it, so I’m not entirely neutral :wink:


Not sure for others but Victoria not too bad from up outside N London. Can jump on tube at Finsbury Park. Likely similar or maybe even less travel time than Brighton.


Yep fine by me I’d happily go to Hawksmoor Air Street or any of the others TBH. See what deals are to be had and we can start cutting the list down after that.

I’m coming from the west but can travel for the wine, food and company. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sadly I cant make evening of 4th as have prior engagement. Hope it goes well and look forward to the next one…


Victoria is fine by me too. I don’t know any of the restaurants that have been discussed but they all look good on the web. So, I’m easy here.


Hawksmoor in the evening would be good for me: however I cannot on the 4th as I already have an evening function that night.


emails sent to Lorne, Pollen st Social, Pied a terre and the Ninth

offer from the Ninth fitzrovia, nearest tube Goodge st Northern line. Table in main restaurant (it is quite small), set menu, chefs selection £65 per head plus service charge. But no corkage whatsoever. Hardens score for food 4/5.

offer from Pied a Terre, also Goodge St - use of Private room at no extra charge/min spend.(which is good) dinner menus either £50 or £75 per head plus service charge, but £25 a bottle corkage (i have told them this is a non starter on a Monday and hope to see an improved offer. Hardens food score 4/5.

Lorne - Victoria stn, perfect for @inbar and me ! - no private room £20 corkage either per person or per bottle. food score 4/5

as soon as i have final offers I’ll put a poll up

we know Hawksmoor can always accommodate us at £5 a bottle corkage and I have always enjoyed my meals there.



Good work! Thanks for checking those.

Is it worth asking Noizé as well? Looked good and “customers are encouraged to bring their own wines…”


Hi Dan, Noizé a non starter this time, as closed on a Monday. Knockout offer received from P a T. Will put up options in poll shortly. Then on to wines.



Thanks for putting in the groundwork for this Chris. Very much appreciated.


Hear! Hear! :+1::+1:


for the record Pollen st Social said they do not allow byo.
Pied a Terre - private room and corkage £50 for the table
best offer in my view. Only negative re Pied a Terre is the portion sizes tend be small, perfectly formed, but small.

so 4 options vote closes friday 3:30pm

  • Pied a Terre - private room - £50 table corkage
  • The Ninth - table in main restaurant zero corkage
  • Lorne - table in main restaurant £20 a bottle corkage
  • Hawksmoor Air St - £5 a bottle corkage

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Poll closed and moved to private conversation wih addition of Merchants Tavern


May I suggest that this (including the poll) is now taken to a direct message for those who said yes. As I said no, I am not best placed to start that private discussion…


Just moved the discussion to a private area. Hopefully Chris can re-do the poll as it doesn’t let me transfer it.


So I guess we’ve ruled out Merchants Tavern. Not sure why, but no big deal!


Thanks again for organising this

I voted for Lorne as I thought the food looked slightly more ‘wine-friendly’ than PaT’s. But I’d be very happy with that too.

Hawksmoor is also great, but I haven’t been to the two above before.

Ruled out Ninth as I thought sharing our own wines was a big part of the plan.


I don’t think I ever formally bowed out of this one, so apologies for not responding. I’d love to join you but circumstance dictates I’ll have to miss out this time. Could you do me a favour and not go to Pied a Terre? I’d be even more disappointed if you did :wink:

Have a great time all, look forward to reading the write-ups!


PaT offered a great deal for their private room. But The Ninth got the vote. David Moore will always do a deal to put bums on seats. Maybe next time.