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BYO Monday dinner in London 4 February 2019



I think I am guilty too. I would have loved to join you but my business schedule doesn’t let me be in London that evening.

Hopefully next time…


Just to note we’ve had a drop out from the original 8. If anyone wants to join us on Monday.


Sadly I’ll be in the Midlands all day and can’t get to London.


for all those who couldn’t make this one.
The Ninth Fitzrovia proved a splendid choice.
Their sharing plates style led to a very convivial evening or maybe that was the wine, Restaurant staff were superb, fresh glasses appearing as if by magic and empty ones quickly whisked away.

menu and wines matched as below
Fizz – Aperitif/Burrata
Altemasi, 2010 Trentino, Alto-Adige @inbar
Squerryes 2013, English Sparkling @Kent_wino

Haag Riesling 1999 @thewinelake / Jeremy
Contours Riesling 2005 @woodap
2 very different styles

bream with miso
W Brundlmayr Gruner Veltliner Alte Reben 2015 @Kent_wino

AS Sortes Godello, Palacios 2015 @Bluebeard

Chateau de Beauregard Moulin a Vent 09 @danchaq
Ch Musar 1998, magnum @thewinelake
Trapiche Malbec 05 @thewinelake corked

cheese s
Cossart Gordon Madeira 05 @woodap

Tarte Tatin
Ch Rieussec 1972 @nw3andre

not a bad wine among them
the Madeira was perhaps the wine of the evening.

apparently @woodap immediately put another 6 into reserves.

but special mentions to :
the 2009 Beaujolais

which changed at least one view - mind you at £45 a bottle it ought to.

and the 1972 Ch Rieussec, yes 1972! - which tasted so fresh it could have been 5-10 years old not 46.

thanks to all who brought such splendid wines and made the evening a resounding success


Blooming hell, I look well sozzled!!! :woozy_face:

'Twas a fabulous evening, on all counts - and thanks, Chris for orchestrating it all! The venue was brilliant, the wines awesome, the company superb! :+1::+1:


This looks SO MUCH fun, I am so sorry I missed it! Would love to know what was the wine of the night for all of you?!

Hopefully I can make the next one…!


Really hard! They were all wonderful in their own way! If I had to home in on my favourites, I would say the Haag Riesling 1999 for white and the Chateau de Beauregard Moulin a Vent 2009 for red. But then the Sauternes was amazing, and the Gruner Veltliner so good, and the Musar an awesome beast, and the Godello fresh but complex… and… and… :heart_eyes:

PS- should also add that the Madeira was out of this world. The best I’ve ever had! :drooling_face:


Yeah, I really need to get to one of these events before too long. What a fine array of folk and wines!


I’m no expert on Madeira, but it wowed me, have just added a bottle to my basket


Sounds like s great night. Jealous a bit…


Blimey, what an outstanding effort! Well done all. I was upset enough not to make it as it stood before seeing that line-up (of attenders and wines!). Very envious. Love to hear how the Gru-V and As Sortes were showing :drooling_face:


wow !

sounds a fabulous event…would love to make it to one in the future


Yes, broke my unwritten rule here of “never buy wine on way home whilst under influence of said wine”!
Pleased to say I don’t regret it though.
Intense nose full of scorched caramel, toffee, raisins & nuts that throws you in one direction before the surprisingly lighter, calmer sweet and tangy honey led palate leads you to a much calmer place. Delightful & perfect with the cheese.

As others have said an all round splendid evening. Other highlights being the amazing 1999 (& 1998 that someone sneaked out at the end) Haag Rieslings which I could just drink and drink, the revelation that was 10yr old Beaujolais, oh and the Sauternes with the tarte tatin… :yum:.

I wasn’t as convinced by the rosemary ice cream however…

Thanks again to @Kent_wino for organising and to everyone for their generous contributions. Look forward to doing it all again some time.

(Note to self, don’t go out and watch the SuperBowl or similar the night before the next one - it makes for a long week at work after! :joy:)


Hope that was fake zebra


Oh definitely! Didn’t do much for my camouflage attempts, though! :wink:


Exactly my choices too. The Riesling is my new top scorer on Cellartracker :1st_place_medal:

The As Sortes (my wine) and the GV were both very tasty, but perhaps a little young and outgunned by some of the other treats we had.


Inbar, I have to say that photo does you no credit! I don’t understand why some people who look great in reality look so strange in photos. My wife is one, and my sister in law… I tend to be lucky on that front (if I can conceal my belly!)


Ha! Thanks for the compliment, Alex! :grinning: it’s true - I’m terribly unphotogenic!!! Especially after a few drinks… :wink:
How some people always pull it off is a mystery to me!


Is there a feeling about how often we’d like to organise these events?

Maybe every other month? That would suggest early April for the next one?


So far it has been quarterly, roughly.