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BYO Monday dinner in London 4 February 2019



I think quarterly makes it a bit more doable (and affordable) for those of us who are not based in London but would still like to attend.


Although one could argue that more, smaller events would enable more people to come - one wouldn’t have to attend all of them. Smaller events can be better, too.

I think I’m incredibly lucky being able to get the time (and have the funds) to do things like this (with various groups) a few times a month.


I guess as often as someone organises it.


Looks like a great night.
I did a similar thing in the Manchester Hawksmoor with my wine course friends on Monday evening.
We had 6 of us and we had:
Austrian GV natural - really good
Hardy’s Eileen Chard 2013 - mine
Bread & Butter Chard California - Majestic
Plavic Mali Croatia 2013 15%

Syrah from Jerez 15.5%
Edit, the Syrah was this

Domaine Sainte Rose Le Pinacle syrah Viognier 2016


Any clear favourites, @winechief …? :slightly_smiling_face:


Well obviously you @Inbar :wink:
But seriously…
The Gruner really surprised me as I hated the natural Riesling I had back in December.
Eileen was very good in an obvious vanillin sort of way.
The syrah from Jerez was nice but had a jammy character being from such a hot climate.
The standout for me was the Croatian red. First time for me with that grape and had great tannin structure, full bodied with red and black fruits, spice and complexity with a long finish. Perfect with the steak and had years to go.

I’d really like to make an effort to get to the next gathering to meet all you nice people in the flesh!


Plavic Mali is definitely on my ‘to explore’ list - and from your description it sounds like a serious wine! There seems to be loads to discover in that part of Europe. I recently got a Slovenian Cab Franc and a Macedonian Kratoshija (am yet to try either of them) - excited about both.

Wouldn’t that be lovely! Perhaps we should all make a pilgrimage to Stevenage, the spiritual home :wink:


Really good to read about @Kent_wino’s GV as I have 1 bottle tucked away but am unsure when to open. From the sounds of it, it’s a tad young? Any recommendations from the attendees on when to crack it open? And what food would it most suit? I’m a novice when it comes to serious GV.


I don’t think you should avoid it just because it’s a little young. One needs to develop a sense of perspective!
I enjoyed the Godello and the GruV in equal measure, but both would have benefitted from more age.



I think just a year or 2 more for the GV. It seemed more reliant on quality of fruit than the the Burgundian AS Sortes.


Probably Wiener Snchnitzel.
just enough weight to cope with roast pork
pan fried or roasted fish ?


I would definitely have it with roast pork! :+1: I think it’s robust and complex enough to cope with it :blush:


Every two or three months is good with me - the key is just locking down a date early enough.


There is actually a reasonably decent restaurant in Stevenage…


Where you thinking Alex? Stevenage obviously fine by me!


Just following up on Inbar’s suggestion, but On The Green is good.


Ah, more of a fanciful idea than a suggestion. But who knows… :wink:


Yes - it would be tough for you coming up from Brighton to go all the way through to Stevenage. That’s not a Thameslink option, is it?


Actually, there is a direct train from Brighton to Stevenage - a Thameslink, just under 2 hour journey… So not completely out of the question :thinking:
Last time we went there for a Society lunch we ended up driving and staying the night, as the trains were so dire. But I think Thameslink had sorted itself out a bit.