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BYO Monday lunch at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 July 2018



I’m flying into London that day - with my 3 kids under 14 - I can’t imagine anyone would object to me bringing them with…


I’m around on 23rd if room at the table. Thanks for organising. Great idea.


I’m horribly jealous and ever more determined to move back to London!


Just checking, are we all still on for this? :smiley: And any new takers?


I will do a definitive poll next week. I am for sure still on.


Here is a poll to confirm attendance to lunch at Hawksmoor Guildhall on 23 July. Please only confirm if you are definite. I will then do a private conversation for those who confirm to iron out some details.

I will just call out some likely names, but that is not an exclusive list.

@woodap @Freddy @HarrierTB @Kent_wino @Olivercg @laura

Maybe also @Ricard @MrNXM

  • I will be attending the lunch on 23 July 2018 at Hawksmoor Guildford
  • I am as yet unsure, but there is a chance I can attend and will confirm later

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Hi Akos, It’s been a struggle to keep this slot free., But still good. Open Table have a good lunch deal for up to 6 people.



I would love to attend - I’ve got family commitments but I’ll see what I can do! I’ll let you know as soon as I can.


I’m going to have to back out I’m afraid, too much going on at work.

Hopefully there will be another at some point. Hope you have a great time, would be interested to read notes on what you drink.


Been trying to work a way to attend and think now it might be possible. When’s the confirmation deadline? I’d love to put some faces to avatars!


I think the deadline is 23 July, it would be great to have you there.


Not sure how I became listed as attending. I was thinking about it ,but now know I can’t. Sorry if I am a clumsy tech user!!


Ha yes @szaki1974 I suppose that is the only deadline that matters. Nonetheless I have updated my response to confirm attendance. I hope @tom and @ricard do the same. :slight_smile:

I will await further instructions and look forward to seeing everyone there!


Nope, that was the date that I was busy and couldn’t join you. Hope you have a great time.


Hi @szaki1974 , I’m a 90%+ yes. Can I just check the planned time with you, so I can make sure I can organise to be child free.


I was really hoping to make this but in the end too tricky to get time off, and now I’ll be interviewing that day anyway so it’s a no. Shame!


I’ve been holding off from replying because I was hoping a really important meeting might be rescheduled but it doesn’t look like it will be. If I manage to weasel out of it I’ll be there but I won’t know until tomorrow at the earliest - sorry! :frowning:


That is a shame, but understandable. Hope it goes well for you and also maybe that we can make these lunches a more regular occurance.


No rush confirming :slight_smile: you are always welcome to just turn up.


I’ll be very much up for it, if you have more organised in the future (provided I can arrange for a day off work)! :+1: