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BYO Monday lunch in London in October 2018



I know we have just had a lunch, but thought would start organising a next one. I was thinking second half of September, will do a poll between two potential Mondays…

In the meantime:

Link to the previous restaurant…

Link to the actual restaurant
Link to the thread about the previous lunch

Please let us know if you are interested.


Interested, depending of course whether I can get the time off.


I am interested too!


I’m really interested, though it depends on when, as the academic year starts in September, so my leave flexibility is much reduced. Personally, early October would work better for me, but I’ll do my best to get the time off whatever date is decided…:crossed_fingers:


I am interested too, pending dates and work commitments etc. Thanks @szaki1974!


I’d love to come - Not London based but I could make the trip for a special winey occasion…


Me too! :smiley: Looking forward to hopefully meeting lots more Community members!


Hi @szaki1974, personality would prefer October, but September may be possible. And nice to explore other restaurants. Hawksmoor Air st a nicer option than Guildhall. Upstairs with windows!
Also possible byo on Mondays, Picture (Fitzrovia), Quality Chop House, The Ninth (Fitzrovia).
One to avoid Hix Oyster and Chop House. Dreadful on our last visit.
What do others think?



I’d certainly second a Quality Chop House move!


Im not sure I could do another again so soon, but with enough interest it could be regular feature given the willingness for a few individuals to organise. Venues could change (QCH is certainly a good choice) and it might even travel to such far away destinations as The North and The People’s Republic of Brighton. :wink:


I’d love to join! Sounds like the last one was a big hit!


Also interested if available. Thanks @szaki1974 for offering to organise again.


Surely you mean The Free People’s Republic of Brighton…? :wink:
Great idea! And I’d be happy to organise one in future in our lovely corner of the world…


Please count me in …:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


I’d love to do this - London could be achievable, and I’d definitely find a way if we do a Brighton one. The Coal Shed, possibly?


Great minds think alike!.. ;):+1:


I would love to join community members for a super lunch - as I live a way off, travel arrangements need some planning, so will keenly await the suggestion of a date and confirm accordingly. I will be happy to go with the recommendation of a suitable London venue - have no experience of any of them!


Work- and childcare-dependent, but hope to make it to the next one.


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I’m “in the middle” could go to London or head north using the East Coast mainline. Look forward to hearing about future/dates venues once decided. Would be great to meet up.