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BYO Monday lunch in London in October 2018



Well, I am very happy to organise one in Brighton/Hove, but it’ll have to wait until winter. My autumn work timetable is usually bonkers, but things calm down by early December, so happy to try and attend London for the next one, then organise one down here, if people fancy a trip to Brighthelmstone. :clinking_glasses:


Yes definitely interested. Last time was so enjoyable. Many thanks Tim


It is great to see so much interest. I think we ought to go with the Quality Chop House this time… if it is truly BYOB… I will again poll two dates (October as suggested by some) to see where there are more takers and then we can iron out details at the end of September.

I will again name people who have shown interest so they don’t miss this post, but this is by no means exclusive to those mentioned…

@VinoVeritas, @Bargainbob, @onlyawino, @woodap, @Tomitom, @danchaq, @Mooble, @laura, @Alchemist, @tom (I am limited to 10 mentions… I will add more in the next post…

  • Lunch at The Quality Chop House - 8 October 2018
  • Lunch at The Quality Chop House - 15 October 2018

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@Kent_wino, @HarrierTB, @robert_mcintosh, @inbar, @tfpywfpy - please see the post above


Rats, I can’t do either date but fingers crossed for another later!


Thanks for organising this, @szaki1974!
The 15th is probably more likely for me, but will run both dates past my manager and will let you know ASAP. :crossed_fingers:


I can’t do the 8th and will be post-nights on the 15th- so will need to do some serious daytime drinking to make my body think it’s night and then I’ll sleep better. Pretty sure that’s how it works…!


Hi Akos, if it’s of any interest, I have an invitation from Picture, Fitzrovia, who would be happy to have a group of us byo on Mondays. For a group of 6 or more they offered their 6 course tasting menu for £45, 5 or less and they are happy offer the ‘a la carte’ menu too. Modern British food, run by a nice group of young guys.



Both dates look ok for me at the moment.

I’ve not been to quality chop house for a few years. My abiding memories are great food but bloody uncomfortable seating. Those wooden benches are not built for a long leisurely lunch!


Hi @szaki1974, I can definitely make the 15th of October! But I can’t seem to be able to vote for some reason…
Can you count me in for the 15th, though - if that’s the date we settle on?
Thanks! :wink:


Managed to vote now (something was odd with my computer!) - so panic over :wink:


I LOVE the food and the people of QCH but I have to agree about the benches - really not great for the back. I know it relates to their history but just because people USED to have experience sitting in pews does not make it a positive for me.

On the other hand, those benches are for tables of up to 6, and I don’t know if we’d be subjected to them if we were a larger group


Keen to return for this second instalment of the community London lunch. Last time was a great way to spend a Monday afternoon!
Will hopefully be able to confirm soon :crossed_fingers:


I unfortunately cannot make either date, but there’s a lot of interest so will lie in wait for the next opportunity. :slight_smile:


I should be ok for both dates. marginal preference for 8th.
@szaki1974 I also have an invitation from Anglo, not far from QCH in Hatton Garden.
Any day of the week, £15 corkage. I would currently rate Anglo as the best dining experience I have had in London. Last time we were there, Matthew Fort, chief judge in GB Menu was at the next table !
love QCH food and staff, but benches are brutal.


HOW MUCH…per BOTTLE???:open_mouth::open_mouth:


Hi @Leah, London prices! A few establishments do nil or £5 corkage on Mondays, to put bums on seats. Otherwise the ‘norm’ is £25 a bottle. I remember checking out Alyn Williams at the Westbury for a special occasion and they charged £50 !


Absolutely cracking restaurant but my word the bill at the end of the night was eye watering

(so was the hangover - we only had ourselves to blame)!


Will get there one day. Just not on a byo deal.


I think we can safely say it is not going to be the Quality Chop House… we still have time to decide.