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BYO Monday lunch in London in October 2018



Thanks @tom , I knew I could count on you :wink:


Tasting menu at Picture Fitzrovia should prove a good match to the likely plethora of fine wines. I will confirm they can accommodate us and try to negotiate a free cocktail. Btw I have a byo invitation to Pied a Terre. Not cheap at £55 for 5 courses, but always serve the wine beautifully, although my sommelier contact there has recently moved on.
Keep Air St on the list. It’s one of the nicest Hawksmoor locations and easy to access.


@szaki1974 free welcome drink at Picture Fitrovia successfully negotiated. I’ll provisionally book a table for 5, as this does not need my card details. I’ll increase booking as necessary.


Sounds good, thanks


I would definitely be up for the lunch/dinner double !!!



The dinner went live on the website today so do check it out. It’s only a small venue capacity so tickets might sell out quickly.


Meanwhile, vote HERE if you want in for the lunch.

@MrNXM @Bargainbob @jlabrey @woodap @AVI6 @Alex88


Yes have already booked my ticket for the dinner too. Love Warwick wines and had High Timber on my “to visit” list so a real bonus for me.


Just checking timings re: work, but should be able to provide a definitive in the next day or so.


Sadly I’m going to have to miss this due to work commitments. I’m rather gutted to be missing it! I will do my best to get to the next one :+1:


Ah! shame, @Bargainbob! Was looking forward to meeting you… I’m sure there will be other opportunities though :grin:


Apologies cock up on the rail ticket booking !!!:sunglasses: I’m out both dates .


for info, booking increased to 8.
@szaki1974 do we need a limit or a theme ?
then time to start confirming who’s bringing red, white and dessert.
menu link

while this says summer menu - their tasting menu tends to be quite formulaic, so likely to be very similar on the day.

I’m lunching at Quality Chop House the week before, so will be able to report on potential for future TWS lunch there.


Thanks, @Kent_wino and @szaki1974 for organising this! Looking forward! :grinning:


Just to say that the private conversation have started, but late-comers are welcome (restaurant allowing…). I also closed the poll now.