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BYOB restaurant recommendations - WIKI



I recently read that Bonhams restaurant in London are offering free corkage on a Wednesday evening…though can’t find any confirmation on their website and haven’t contacted the restaurant to confirm, so would be interested to hear if anyone has tried…


A couple of sources:

Also mentioned in a decanter list of London BYO!


completely agree. In fact we find restaurants usually have poorer cooking abilities and use poorer quality ingredients than we do. If friends invite me to a pub lunch I order a Ploughman’s since it is very hard to screw that up. However some still do of course!


I find it more and more difficult to put up with wine mark up in restaurants.
I find refuge at Noble Rot wine bar (low mark up) or bring a bottle at either St john’s restaurants £15 corkage, Goodman £30 or Bright court yard (Dim sum) also £30 corkage.


If you’re ever in East Sussex, I highly recommend a Thai called Erawan, in the beautiful county town of Lewes. Corkage is cheap. The food is fab!


Not quite BYO but it has a similar effect.
I used to use Reyniers wine bar in Victoria. The deal was that one paid a fixed fee for a buffet of soup, charcuterie, cheese, pud, coffee etc and then went to their adjoining (connected) wine shop to select a bottle or two. I think they may have added a small corkage. We used it sometimes for company hospitality, inviting each guest to choose a wine that was different to what we had already had and up to a maximum price.
Sadly, Reyniers shut up shop some years ago but their City branch was taken over and kept running on the same lines. I don’t know if it still exists.
We encountered the same idea this January in Parma, Italy at La Barrique Enoteca. Sit at tables in the wine shop, enjoy pasta, charcuterie etc from a menu and select one’s wine from an excellent selection on the shelves.


This was SUCH a great resource in the early days of this Community, and now there are hundreds and hundreds of new members signed up to The Community there must be loads more recommendations out there, so I thought I’d give it a little bump! :slight_smile:


The Rajput on Goldhawk Road, W12 is excellent and no corkage charge.


Anglo in Hatton garden
Seem happy to negotiate corkage at lunchtime. I have agreed £10 a bottle a couple of times. Fixed(ish) tasting menu, cutting edge food. Have seen Matthew Fort from great British menu dining here.


Another vote for Anglo. We had our work Christmas do there last year.


Great restaurant - have been a few times. They even allowed my son to go down into the kitchens to be a ‘sous chef’ making his own dessert. Given that we live out of town and have a small(ish) child, we normally eat on a Saturday lunchtime and the vfm is 10/10 as far as im concerned


Just to say that sadly La Casbah is no more. A licenced Indian restaurant will take its place.