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Cahors & Bergerac Suggestions


Hi - I’m heading off to Dordogne next weekend, I’m staying 45 mins from Bergerac and the same from Cahors so looking forward to visiting a few vineyards. Can anyone suggest a ‘must visit’ vineyard? I’ve got 13 days in the area so hoping to do a few visits when I’m in the area.


Trip to Monbazillac

Cahors: Triguedina, of course. Ch Pineraie, for good traditional Cahors. Domaine de la Bérangeraie, for good wine, and a beautiful place to taste.

For all these, in the past we have just turned up, but they all seem to be getting more formal, so check the websites and use your judgement.

And, as always, try something different at dinner every night, and look for the winery if you like it.

You will need a good map.


My favourite visit in Cahors was to Mas Del Perie. We went twice in two years, and Fabien took us through his whole range both times. Wonderful ‘vins de soif’ and ‘vins de terroir’, as he styles them. A real experimenter. He bottles both with and without sulphur which was insightful. The difference between cellar door and uk retail pricing was huge (when we went). Bit of a one man show so you might want to book. Chateau du Cedre is also excellent (and more consistent?) although a little more commercial in feel. They have a strong range of back vintages for sale as well, which Fabien certainly didn’t. Clos Triguedina was good, I was underwhelmed by Chateau de Chambert although the people were lovely.

The 2* Le Guindreau restaurant is worth the money.

Have a great time.


Forgot to mention that, in the same area, La Recreation in Les Arques does a delicious lunch.

Coincidentally, three years on from our last visit to the region, I’m making dinner with the last of some other wonderful produce we came home with :-):grin:


thanks for the suggestion, I’ve marked them down on google maps to make sure we can visit them. My plan is to visit, buy, drink in the evening and then go back to grab some to take home!!!


Brilliant, I’ve reached out to Mas Del Perie to arrange something, thank you for the suggestions.


Look out for local wine trails, ask the producers if they have prunes coated in chocolate too - yum


This link might be of interest


I would second this recommendation. very nice.

As for wines, I like Le Cèdre from Chateaux du Cèdre (not as much a fan of the straight “Chateaux du Cèdre” - I think Chateau Lagrezette is better at that price point). I would love to attend a tasting there. I can only imagine what their GC wine tastes like.

I went as far as making a reservation. Then cancelled thinking that my fellow diners wouldn’t appreciate a one and three year old sharing their ambience I will be back one day!


Yes I agree completely. We came away with two magnums of Le Cèdre from each of 2004 and 2009, as well as a few bottles of 2011. The GC was wonderful but well north of 50 euros a bottle if I remember rightly. Bit too steep for me. It was a great set up for a ‘family’ tasting, with a colouring table for kids etc. while the adults talked, browsed and drank.

Funnily enough we were in the region with two toddlers as well. We had the use of an English speaking babysitter for one night, and that was when we went to Le Gindreau. I’m sure in true French style we would have been welcomed with them in tow, but just less relaxing for the parents as you obviously well know! Funnily enough we drank Le Cèdre with our meal there too.


Thanks for the suggestion, I guess a 6 month old baby may also impact the ambience for others!!!


Here are a couple more suggestions :
10 minutes drive out of Bergerac you come to Pecharmant where you will find Chateau Farcies du Pech run by Serge and Betty Dubard. Lovely red Percharment is availalbe by the case at very reasonable rates and you can taste first. Check out their website www.farciesdupech.com

Also not far from Bergerac is Montbazillac , where they have a visitor centre and museum and a shop where you can sample the wine and then buy from a selection of about 50 different producers of Montbazillac.


Duras is always worth a visit and there might still be an evening market on Thursdays and en route Grand Mayne , very good value wines from the Cote de Duras. The reserve Merlot Cabernet has just been released. The Sauvignon Blanc is also very good and not over extracted.


I’d agree with the member advocating Pecharmant - this can be quite fine, claret-like but distinctive, and is generally underappreciated and therefore inexpensive. I’d also recommend Chateau Vari’s idyllic little restaurant in the village of Monbazillac itself - in May they were still selling their 1995/2005 vintages for around 25/30 euros a bottle. These challenge all but the very top Sauternes. If you have the time, head for Gaillac, where there are so many interesting, individualistic producers, often growing grape varieties unique to the appellation. Try Chateau Mayragues, which has been biodynamic since 1999 and is run by the wonderful Geddes family.


Worth a visit is the biodynamic domaine, Chateau Feely in Saussignac, about 20km from Bergerac.


Will second Le Gindreau. Take the 6 month old as will probably sleep through most of it anyway. In the summer they put you outside but if you don’t manage it put on your radar as a very good place to visit.


Thank you to everyone for the wonderful suggestions, my family and I had a fantastic two weeks trying wines in Bergerac and Cahors…although to be honest we were rather disappointed with the Malbecs of Cahors, perhaps we like Argentinian Malbec too much but we thought the decent Malbecs were over priced (35 Euros + for a good bottle).

We were pleasantly surprised by the variety in Bergerac and the friendliness of everyone in the vineyards when we came to taste. I thought I would share some of my highlights…

http://www.domaine-anciennecure.fr/fr/ was a great find, we really liked their Pecharmant, both the 2015 and 2009 vintages they had for sale, both were perfect with a BBQ on a sunny evening. In addition their L’abbaye 2015 was a delightful easy drinking wine.

http://www.chateau-jaubertie.com was also a great choice…their Vieilles Vignes was one of the wines we brought back with us; 80% Merlot and 20% Cab Sav a juicy easy drinking wine

We enjoyed our visit to https://www.belingard.com/en/ they have a english speaking tour of their estate and a great range of wines to try after a wonder around the vineyard. I personally liked their Reserve Red, my wife liked their Ortus Monbazillac

http://www.chateaudechambert.com/en/index.html had a rather large restaurant and tasting room, worth the visit for that alone. Our favourite was the liqueur they make from Malbec called Rogomme…17% alcohol.

Another favourite from Cahors was https://www.chateauducedre.com to many wines from here to list as we bought a range of them…the lady who served us was raving about the 2015 vintage, saying it was one of the best they have had in a number of years.

They were the favourites but we visited many more during the two weeks…thanks once again for all the recommendations, without the suggestions we would’ve been a little lost for ideas


Thank you for the report back, and for the Bergerac suggestions.


Oh dear - we took our four month old, he was a massive pain, and everyone was lovely. My wife could have had a better time, though.

You should definitely go back though, the foie gras starter was historic.

Incidentally, my favourite Cahors produces are Cedre, Clos de Gamot and Chambert

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We found the wines we bought from the co-operative there to be excellent, and good-value at around £10 a bottle. Pretty town, too.