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Camping in France


Oh what a pain. Hope it can be fixed quickly and you can get on your way :frowning:


How frustrating. Let us know when you get back on the road (I can recommend a repair shop in Tours which we got to know when our brakes failed along the Loire and we had to continue in a borrowed Fiat…).


No one should have to go through that! :grinning:

Let us know how you’re getting on, Leah! Fingers crossed you can resume your camping trip ASAP.


Thanks everyone, we got back home at 4am this morning after 3 different recovery trucks. Apparently they can only take you so far and leave you at a service station for the next one to pick you up . The car is in a bad way … so this morning we’re now looking at what options we have :see_no_evil:.


Goodness, @Leah, commiserations. Years ago we suffered a catastrophic engine failure (crankshaft snapped in two) whilst on holiday so I know exactly how you feel. I do hope you can patch up some other arrangements.

(PS - I hope you remembered to remove the kids from the roofbox).


What a nightmare. I hate that relay style of recovery it’s such pain and seems to take twice as long.


I did think to myself, what a holy nightmare it would be for anyone north of Newcastle… it would probably take 5 days to get you back home @MikeFranklin.

Ouch… Not pleasant at all, I feel your pain and yes I didn’t forget the kids, who surprisingly could have moaned a lot more than they did given they were travelling 16 hours and ended up back where they started :roll_eyes:

I’ve rebooked the tunnel for Wednesday and Mr. Leah is frantically trying to get the “truck” up to scratch. Has installed brighter lights today and has ordered noise reduction flooring… Ive told him to leave it as then I wouldn’t hear the kids fighting but he was insistent. …… We will be a lot slower but fingers crossed plan B will work out :wink:


What a horrible thing to happen. Good luck to get it all sorted. At least from the Weekend Drinking Thread it looks like you’re drinking something nice in compensation :wink:


Wish us luck ! Attempt no.2 :+1::+1:


Hope you reach your destination(s) this time, Leah! Have a good trip! :+1: :grinning:


Second time lucky? Have a great time!


Hope all goes well this time. On the plus side disaster struck before the ferry first time. Have a great time y’all.


Not sure how inland you intend to go but we stayed in a lovely town east of Bergerac called Lalinde which was lovely. It has a campsite about I know nothing, but may be idyllic by the looks of things


good luck!

ear defenders ready for that tyre noise on the autoroutes ?!


Fortunately Mr.Leah Dynomatted it last night so unfortunately we can hear the kids fight ! We made it south for the night so hopefully Eurotunnel tomorrow :+1:! Thanks @JayKay will check it out :wink:.


oh…the kids are in the cab not the back ?! :joy:


Looks an awesome road trip vehicle, although glad I’m not the one paying for the fuel!

Have a great trip (at the second attempt)!


Definitely a fuel guzzler … but we made it to Champagne :clinking_glasses::blush:!


Your kids look like they’re enjoying themselves.

I’m concerned about the security of your 200 bottles of wine in the back of that truck though!


Only 200 ? That’s what the roof box is for :wink::wink::wink: