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Celebrity endorsed drinks


Why not? It would be ideal that the wine is served at the correct temperature, but if it’s too warm then it’s better to pop an ice cube in ones glass than drink warm wine.

Unfortunately too much red wine in this country is served too warm and I too frequently have to add a cube or two.


I have sometimes put ice in white wine in very hot weather, more often in a white wine spritzer in fact.


My argument with ice in white is primarily because it will disrupt the balance of the wine and the flavours will become muddled. Personally, if a white wine was too warm I just wouldn’t drink it and would wait until it actually cooled down rather than do this.
There are wines which have been made specifically for adding ice to them, whilst in Epernay in the summer I saw Moet had realised one.
A few frozen grapes in the freezer would do the trick without diluting the wine.


“A few frozen grapes from the freezer” - Fragola grapes in Italy are sublime from the freezer.


I think we may be talking at cross-purposes here. I’d never need to add ice-cubes to wine at home, but regrettably I often feel the need when out.

Wine in one’s glass won’t cool down. I never have too warm wine at home as I chill white wine in fridge in advance and on the rare occasions when that’s not possible one of the chiller sleeves I keep in the freezer soon chills a bottle.

But in a pub or casual restaurant an ice cube in ones glass is better than warm wine.

Diluted maybe, but not muddled IMO. Amount of dilution depends on how long you take to drink a glass. :yum:


The solution to this is to use frozen grapes rather than ice cubes, the grapes defrost but don’t change anything in the wine vs additional water being added if using ice cubes.


It’s a very particular type of person that isn’t able to wait to chill a bottle of wine, but does happen to have frozen grapes on hand for just such an eventuality :joy:


I guess you could use frozen peas too… more likely to have it to hand. :wink:


This was quite interesting…a mixed bag!

Naga, Arizona sounds delicious!


The Miraval rose seems to be a pretty good wine - I guess there is a difference between those celebrities who try and associate themselves with a wine vs those who invest in the wine to actively make it better.


There’s a quite pleasant Keira Knightley-affiliated wine available at TWS.


Very pleasant…


I have enjoyed the wines from Adega do Cantor, the winery owned (I think it’s now up for sale) by Cliff Richards. The top wines are really nice and the estate was immaculate when we dropped in on holiday a couple of years back.


Are we talking about Keira or the wine here…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Isn’t Miraval made by one of the illustrious Perrins?
I might be totally wrong!!


It’s not a solution in a bar or restaurant :slight_smile:

And is additional water in a glass of wine really such a bad thing when wines are becoming more alcoholic?

After all, TWS sells wines that have water added during fermentation to reduce final abv.

What’s so wrong about doing it ones-self instead paying the winery and UK tax man for water :star_struck:


So it looks like Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the city fame has hopped on the bandwagon and is launching a wine range. Interestingly she is working with the winemakers who brought the Graham Norton range to the market including his new Gin.

So how about it? Think I should speak to the guys at Invivo and get them to back a “Leah wine” :rofl:! It could work .


My god, what a non-entity this woman is!

If her wine is as sickly sweet and effervescent as her perfume - I’m giving up. Not that I ever invested emotionally in these celebrities or their dreadful wines.

I’ll support your range, though, @Leah! :wink:


My mother swears by Grahams NZ SB and I think he may have a rosé now too but could be wrong!
Thanks for the support @inbar, you can help out on the launch night :rofl:


As @Inbar and I are the first to respond I think it is only fair that we receive a case each, for promotional purposes only, Expenses for the promotional tour can be discussed at a later date. :world_map::+1: