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Chateau Musar, advice


M&S have always (in the last few years at least) been open about who makes their wine, with the producer in small print. I guess in this case they just decided to make the producer more obvious - either because they thought it would sell better or as a result of negotiations with Musar. Presumably Levantine is a brand made only for M&S?

I disagree a little with M1tch. I quite like the earlier-drinking Musar wines. They do IMO let you know what to expect in the Chateau wine - in terms of flavour profile and VA - even if they do not have the same weight. But don’t buy them just to save a few pounds - if you want Chateau Musar then you need to buy it.


So Nick P, did you try it?


Not yet, but I will!!

Have had my mind on other than bags lately and next to no time at home. Aiming to pick some up in the next week or two and I’ll let you know