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Chateau Musar, advice


M&S have always (in the last few years at least) been open about who makes their wine, with the producer in small print. I guess in this case they just decided to make the producer more obvious - either because they thought it would sell better or as a result of negotiations with Musar. Presumably Levantine is a brand made only for M&S?

I disagree a little with M1tch. I quite like the earlier-drinking Musar wines. They do IMO let you know what to expect in the Chateau wine - in terms of flavour profile and VA - even if they do not have the same weight. But don’t buy them just to save a few pounds - if you want Chateau Musar then you need to buy it.


So Nick P, did you try it?


Not yet, but I will!!

Have had my mind on other things lately and next to no time at home. Aiming to pick some up in the next week or two and I’ll let you know


Opened another bottle of the 1999 and it is great with roast lamb leg… such a great wine Musar with back vintages not at stratospheric prices…


That’s good news @szaki1974 as I have quite a few 99’s left.
Need to try another soon


Good shout. White Musar is also fantastic.


Musar is a little bit of an obsession of mine, as I have vintages going back to 1998. Sadly no 97s left - a great vintage. Another fantastic vintage is the 1999, which are now at their best. I love the 2006 too. Release was held back but it was worth the wait. Others described the wine brilliantly in reply to you, including the initial aroma that can put some people off. Please don’t be put off. Give this amazing wine with a very interesting history a go.


Just realised I hadn’t updated this topic with my thoughts when I did try it


Isn’t there a saying that you must try everything once ? Its a fabled wine because of where it is produced and its marmite appeal. The vintages are released late when the are approaching their tasting window but drink when over 10 years would be my advice (but I don’t know if you a fresh & fruity young thing or a leathery old one…wine style of course!)

Ive found great variation - bottle & vintage but a “house style” exists…and Brett is part of it - nice article by Jamie Goode explaining a little about Brett (amazingly doesn’t mention Musar!)


Ive a few bottles in my cellar - all from early 2000’s. I drank a 2000 in 2013 and it was “young” with little Brett…but this is the crux for me…we are all sensitive to such things at different levels…some people can detect it at half the concentration of most and for some, it has to be twice that level before they even “get a wiff” of it.

Its also not limited to Musar…at a tasting in St Estephe in the summer I was poured a 2011 that was just showing Brett …it lead to a 10 min discussion between myself, another taster and the Ch representative as to was it/wasnt it Brett


…‘except incest and folk dancing’ (Sir Thomas Beecham).


ok - some exceptions allowed :rofl:

to qualify my earlier statement for late comers…Isn’t there a saying that you must try everything, in the wines and sprits world, once ?