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Chateau Musar, advice


It was tried at the first London lunch

I think it is ready now…


Hang on, that means I had it?! :see_no_evil: Can’t believe I forgot that…

Well, in my (clearly dodgy) memory I’ve never had a bad bottle of Musar so I guess I can vouch for the 1999!


It is glorious! (IMHO)

In fact, I might have to open one tonight…


A tad late to this but my first recollection of it was as a favourite of Auberon (Bron) Waugh who also wrote in the Spectator and wrote a delicious little book on wine called “Waugh on Wine”, illustrated by Willie Rushton and published in 1986. His rather lovely description of the red Musar was: Tastes like something between a hot-season Latour,a grand and ancient Hermitage and one of those magnificent old “cooked” Burgundies bottled in England which have now all but disappeared from the market. Not sure that’s terribly helpful for most of us but beautifully eloquent!


I’ve bought a bottle for Christmas drinking and am quite excited about it! Divided opinions and some brettanomyces (which was a new term to a novice like me) has only added to the mystery!


Yes, Auberon Waugh was a very early champion of Musar!


Also received the same offer and have just ordered 6 x 1999. Yum!!


Got some in my glass right now.

This is a classic Musar. Slightly rotting roasted vegetation, bbq sausages, fruit (fresh and dried), chocolate. I can see that some people wouldn’t like this, and it’ll probably be a little less wacky tomorrow, but they don’t make 'em like this any more.

Wonderful stuff (as dreams could be made on!)

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