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Chateau Musar, advice


You and me both (though I do have a couple each of slightly older Musars around; '99, '01 and '02 (You can still pick them up for just over £30).

However for a BYO a little younger would, I think, be fine.

I also have some Ksara, Ixsir and Ch St Thomas. Currently no Kefraya or Tourelles though.


Has anyone been lucky enough to try the '84 ?? Just wondering…


I take it, you listened to the podcast, too.

A prime example that the context matters a lot in the enjoyment of wine.


Absolutely, what a wonderful and emotive story .


I think I have had 1984 - but wasn’t really paying enough attention!


On the subject of a Musarathon, how would Finsbury Park (very close to the station) suit? There’s a Greek Cypriot restaurant there that I intend to check out.


OK, I’ve posted something in the Getting Involved section…


I know the 99 is only being offered by TWS as part of the current mixed case, but for anyone looking to stock-up, I just got an email about this:


Seems to be a fair amount around. I got a half case this time last year for about that price from The Sampler.


Yeah, me too, it is all gone now… just too good.


I have managed to restrict myself to two bottles so far…


Large Waitrose in Wimbledon also stocks the 2001 at £27.99 full price.


25% off for any six bottles too…


and £5 off if you spend over £30… if you keep your vouchers


This sounds like some hall of mirrors from which there is no escape… Good place to get stuck in, though! :smiley:


Perhaps it’s as well that there are not many Waitrose in Scotland…though we do have one about 15 minutes away… :wink:


God knows where these 01s are coming from. None anywhere round here, and online they’ve been on 03 for years now.


They always used to be latest vintage only in my local Waitrose, then had the 2003 for the last year or two and onto the 2001 a few months back. Possibly newly released library stock?

I tried a 2001 from them a couple of months ago and it was great.


I was very privileged to attend a Musar tasting last night with Jane Sowter, who has been Musar’s representative in Europe for 30 years now. Here are my tasting notes:

Wine 1: Musar Jeune White 2018

40% Viognier, 30% Vermentino and 30% Chardonnay
13%ABV No oak used
Nose has some bright fruit but also a herbal quality
Unctious and oily texture. This wine has a saline savoury quality with a good dose of fresh acidity. Very structured and complex. Reminds me a bit of semillon, but fruitier.

Wine 2: Musar Jeune Rose 2018

80% Cinsault 20% Mourvedre
13.5% ABV
Pale salmon pink with some orange highlights - very pretty
Very fruity strawberry nose
Dry. Alcohol up front, some tannin, puts hairs on your chest. Might calm down with some time. Divided opinion. Some people loved it.

Wine 3: Musar Jeune Red 2017

45% Cinsault, 45% Syrah, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep purple
Nose of violets and sweet fruit
Lots of mouth coating chalky tannin
Cheerful fruit bomb. Barbecue wine.

Wine 4: Hochar Pere et Fils 2015 Magnum

50% Cinsault, 35% Grenache, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon
14% ABV

Medium red with some bricking at shoulders
Violets and mint on the nose. Recognisably Musar spice (cinnamon?)
Plums and violets, with a salty savouriness
Soft and elegant but quite young

Wine 5: Chateau Musar Red 2012

1/3 Cinsault, 1/3 Carignan, 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon
14.8% ABV

Medium red with some bricking at shoulders
Violets and spice on the nose.
Complex and changing palate, with black fruit, brambles, and herbs. Saline and savoury.
Still quite young.
My second favourite wine of the night.

Wine 6: Chateau Musar Red 2008

1/3 Cinsault, 1/3 Carignan, 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon
14% ABV

A bit more restrained than the '12.
Coffee and spice on the nose.
Savoury with a herbal element.
Very good

Wine 7: Chateau Musar Red 2002

1/3 Cinsault, 1/3 Carignan, 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon
14% ABV

Some brett on the nose.
Aged character. Very spicy and complex.
An acquired taste.

Wine 8: Chateau Musar Red 1999

1/3 Cinsault, 1/3 Carignan, 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon
14% ABV

The star of the night!
Round balanced nose. A savoury character.
Herbal and savoury. Complex and long. Delicious!

Wine 9: Chateau Musar White 2010

60% Obaideh 40% Merwah
12% ABV

Still looks young- Pale straw
Very unusual nose. Very herbal with suggestions of verbena, lemon thyme and pine resin!
This character continues to the palate with a soft and oily mouthfeel and some fresh acidity.
Definitely a marmite wine. It wasn’t for me, but I would be very interested to taste an older vintage of this.


Aren’t Obaideh and Merwah towns in the bible, rather than grapes?