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Chenin Blanc


Ooh I do like this one :wink:


Some ideas.
Ken Forrester: the FMC. Astonishing and lasts incredibly well. Two bottles of the 2010 left.
Anything at all from the masters: Huet in Vouvray. We’ve got one bottle of 1989 demi-sec left.
We find that CB lasts and lasts if made right and can be raised and fermented in styles from bone dry 1 (try the Huet fizz) to very sweet 9. But for us Savennières is top dog (sorry Ken F). We three are having the TWS Savennières on Xmas Day with cured fish. A brilliant match we think…


You know what FMC stands for? :wink:


Yes, and it’s most appropriate! :laughing:


I guess that will be a while given longevity… Flotsam & Jetsam should drink imminently, but Nautical Dawn and Fire by Night will have to wait a few years…


Has anyone tried this wine? Tempted to pop a bottle in the basket.

Can we talk about Christmas [2018] yet?

I could be accused of bias but for what it’s worth… it put in a great showing when tasted alongside some Alheit wines earlier this year :slight_smile: Really nice balance between fresh salty zing and old-vine density.


Is this one of the wines we tried when Ginny Povall came to visit us earlier in the summer, Martin? I loved her wines!

That was the same day we tried this, coincidentally only a few days after @Kent_wino had first introduced me to Cartology at the Community lunch (we had a different vintage though, can’t remember which one?), and it’s now one of my all-time favourite white wines:


I had the previous vintage Akos, and it was superb. Excellent value too. Have a couple of this vintage on next week’s delivery. I’ve some Flotsam at L&W to bring down.


I popped in to The Sampler after lunch today to see what is on sampling and came away with a little bit of a curiosity, a Cahors Chenin Blanc. It was showing extremely well, could not leave it behind. Will probably open in a few weeks time.

It seems one is significantly better off buying it in Belgium… should not be a surprise really. Also worth noting it is lavelled Vin de France as CB cannot be labelled Cahors. Is it only Malbec?


That’s true. The AOC Cahors only permits red wine production. Must be at least 70% Malbec, but can also use Tannat and Merlot (I think).


Domain Roche aux Moines is an absolute favourite. Has anyone tried their various cuvées?


Wasn’t aware they had a “silex” - is it a new cure

Have had many vintages of both ladies “Dom aux Moines” wines - they are one of my favourites - and lovely people to boot…had a vertical tasting of over a dozen years when I visited


Apologies, I meant https://www.laporte-sancerre.com/en/maison/le-rochoy.html


Not a suggestion, but Imbibe published a piece on South African chenin yesterday for anyone interested.