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Cherchez la femme


… and those with the Mentor badge?


I can feel a book coming up… I shall call it A Room of One’s Own. :wink:


I think there must be some figures out there, I’d be interested to see what the split is! Maybe @laura or @Ewan could find that info?


… and if so, what’s stopping them from posting? I’m sure they got something interesting to add to the mix, whomever they are?


I agree Inbar. I’ve been mulling your question over and came to the conclusion that the thing that probably sets members of the Community apart from other members of the TWS is that for most on here Wine buying and drinking is a hobby to which we like to devote plenty of time.

And being able to discuss our hobby and share our discoveries is all part of the fun.

Mr JayKay enjoys drinking wine and has a fine palate, but he does not share my level of interest in the subject.

In many pursuits like football, athletics, golf, membership clubs for example, men have had a head start - mostly because they were resistant to women joining in - unless they were desperate enough (such as women’s sporting and industrial endeavours during the two world wars of the 20th century - at the end of which they were ceremonially dumped). Now the sisters are doing it for themselves but there is a fair bit of catching up to do. Maybe Wine as hobby falls into the same category?

Traditionally men earned the money and women ran the homes. For those households where Wine was affordable, I have no idea if buying the wine came under the women’s remit along with buying the groceries, or if it was something so enjoyable those sneaky blokes kept to themselves. I suspect the latter!

Enough rambling. I have no idea how I got so far away from the original question…


Absolutely this! I do think we are seeing a gradual cultural shift though so fingers crossed this will eventually be reflected on The Community :slightly_smiling_face:


Ditto @Inbar and I suspect that is the common thread for many who come here, whether it be to browse, lurk, post or whatever level of input they choose. Personally, in viewing content and posters here I see “Wine enthusiast” first without really noticing gender. That doesn’t change the clear gender split we seem to have, but merely an observation that I don’t see this from a gender perspective first.

Some threads and posts do tend to the “Look at the size of my wine collection” or “look how expensive/rare/exclusive this bottle is” end of the spectrum that is unfortunately often the preserve of the male of the species, and lampooned perfectly by @Herbster by the way :grinning: ; but that aside, I think the contributions to conversations here are very balanced even if the numbers of posters isn’t - If that makes sense?!?


To paraphrase the Bishop of Bath and Wells - have you ever considered a career in politics?
We need more people like you! :smiley:
But seriously, I take your point that on the whole, the women who do contribute to the forum, do so fairly consistently - and that perhaps there is room too for those who just wish to lurk, read and enjoy without adding their own input.

It’s also a bit of an egg and chicken question, perhaps; is the fact that quite a few posts are a list of ‘The wine I drank’ or ‘The wine I will drink’ or ‘what I drank in 1988 in Barcelona’ put some women off for fear of not being able to ‘compete’ (or having no interest of doing so), or is it that the majority of posters are men, which might create imbalance in the theme of topics…?

Are there more ‘female’ or more ‘male’ themes, to that matter?


Almost put me off actually. Well not quite put me off but I do tend to feel fairly intimidated, not by the posters, but by the knowledge!

And let me stress that doesn’t mean I dislike the display of that knowledge or think, God forbid, that it is wine snobbery. In fact I’m only going to learn by listening and have already learnt a great deal!


Argh, no - politics is full of politicians and other low-lifes!

“I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member” - Groucho Marx :grinning:

I’m not sure that’s just the preserve of women - I find it pretty tedious too! Then again, i’m probably guilty as charged on occasion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We all are! I’m definitely including myself. But it’s good to know that you don’t feel it’s just women who can feel that. Perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree here.

From all the thought-provoking comments so far, it sounds like it could be a combination of reasons - some even practical, such as having less time, or not used to being a hobby-bore, but part of me still wonders if there is something else going on.

I used to be a member on political forums, and boy- this forum is Heaven on Earth in terms of cordiality, friendliness and respect - even when opinions differ. Which is why I hope more women will contribute their bit, as it might create a nice balance in terms of topics, too.


The my wine is better than your wine comment is not really fair, the agenda for threads is often set by TWS themselves along those lines and members respond, that is what they have been asked, if everyone was talking about Yellowtail for fear of being thought elitist to mention anything else it would be a pretty dull blog.
I really don’t see anything on here that would put a woman off from commenting, as you say Inbar other blogs in many spheres are a pure battlefield, but overall if you look at as I have out of interest before commenting they are all dominated by men, the only one I can think of that isn’t is Mumsnet ! but yet again on those blogs there are women who comment and give as good an account of themselves as the men.
Maybe it is something simpler, my wife would never go on social media, not through fear of being judged by her words but she simply fails to see the point of it all and I know she is not alone, she is of the old school that believes if you have something to say, say it to the persons face so you know who are speaking to.
I joined, under protest Facebook earlier this year as their is a local community page involved in a major local issue and as I knew something of it was asked to join, never again the place is full of people who I have never heard of and have no wish to know wanting to be “friends” hardly anyone was talking about the issue and after someone started the biggest interest item I saw about" has anyone got any elderbery flowers they could collect" I cancelled my Facebook membership, the internet and it’s many facets is not for everyone and maybe women see it differently, does anyone really know, after all men and women are intrinsically different, would we have it any other way ?


I’m posting for the first time, just to say that I read the forums and now and then, but don’t post because I’m still very much a beginner (despite drinking wine for many, many years!) and don’t really have anything to contribute. Maybe if there was a beginners’ section, I’d feel more confident? Maybe there is a beginners’ section and I haven’t found it!

I did think about posting because I wanted to ask a question, but it was “what wine would I like?” question, which I imagine is difficult to answer especially as I couldn’t find the words for the kind of thing I was looking for.

I have bought the wines for the tasting today, so will at least be reading, if not participating. :grinning:


I too have been drinking for many years but am a beginner as far knowledge and this forum goes :relaxed: I just dive in and probably embarrass myself but they’re all very gentle here!


Welcome Becky! :grin:
I think you may have just broken your duck -so congratulations for your first post!

Of course, it’s fun to just read the posts that interest you, and learn that way. But following from @MikeFranklin’s advice - you can just ‘dive in’ and ask any question you like. This is such a civilised and friendly community… and people are keen to share their knowledge (or lack thereof) and help.
I only joined in February, and look what a big mouth I’ve become!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hiya Becky! :smiley:

Beginners are totally welcome here - all we want is to see people of all abilities sharing the joy of good wine! :clinking_glasses:

If it helps a bit, we do have a #welcome tag (click it to explore) with some interesting topics for beginners, whether new to The Community, new to The Wine Society or new to wine in general!

And I’m THRILLED to hear you’ve got the wines for tonight’s tasting - I really hope you do find the confidence to post your thoughts, because there aren’t any wrong answers! :smile: You can see that in the wide variety of flavours and smells different people get out of each wine - and it’s a really friendly bunch of people and fun is the one and only aim. :slight_smile:

Hopefully chat later! :smiley:


I should have said that I will be present for the tasting as well. Have to figure out how to get my dinner timed right to coincide.


Absolutely. For example, this was my favourite quote from the Argentina tasting, after so much variety in the descriptions:


I think you can take any hobby in the world and find the odd bit of willy-waving from time to time. It’s fine - perhaps it crops up every now and again here but it never seems to get out of hand. We’re all pretty grown up and I can’t think of any occasion when a tedious brag-off has threatened to take place.

Amen to that! Although…there has been the odd accident, forgive me. :nauseated_face:


Thank you all for the welcomes, and the advice! :smiley: