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Cherchez la femme


Hello Becky and welcome. Just get stuck in, like @MikeFranklin and @Inbar say! Have fun with the tasting - I couldn’t get the wines ordered in time. :disappointed_relieved:


Inbar, if you change the word ‘hobbies’ to obsessions I think you might be on to something. Is the male brain more obsessive than the female?
Note that I use the phrase ‘male brain’ not ‘men’.


@Inbar when you have a minute take a quick scan through the latest tasting; there were a few more ladies popping up there tonight!


My answer to this excellent question is going to be as tedious as hell: we perceive it as such, because of a combination of nature and nurture.
I can get pretty obsessive with my interests, immersing myself totally in stuff I enjoy - but I don’t perceive my brain as ‘male’. Historically, women were not allowed to explore their interests, being condemned to satisfy themselves with the domestic sphere. So - like @jaykay said before - we got a lot of catching up to do. If we were brought up equally over the generations, with the same freedom, same rights and responsibilities- it would have perhaps been just normal for a woman to seem ‘obsessive’ about her interests.
Having said that, there are definitely some innate tendencies - especially if you believe the likes of Simon Baron-Cohen (which I don’t), who wrote a lot about the female and male brain.
Like anything regarding gender differences, though - I can’t perceive it as biology only. But this might be my own bias.


We still haven’t had a response on the membership proportion question, but to add another: could it be possible for second (and other…) members of households to have their own log ins and participate in this community? My husband might be interested, but neither of us would want to have our contributions under the same name.


Just about to read the thread! Looks like you were all having fun - women and men alike! :grin::+1:


not at the moment - just as The Society is one-member-one-vote we are one-member-one-profile, but ever since we started I’ve been lobbying for there to be some way to have secondary accounts. We shall see.

This actually relates to the membership query. Whilst I think that an analysis of the names on shares would indicate a large majority of male-owned shares, I suspect that Member Services gets a more-than-fair share of female voices on the line for orders, so it is hard to say.

I’ve held back from commenting here as one of the problems we always get when such topics arise is that the more engaged members are first to comment and reply, and as we are a majority of men, it skews the debate (whether we mean it or not).

I believe @Inbar, @laura and @Leah know my views on this and if there is anything constructive I can do to support their aims, I’m ready to do it … and it includes NOT commenting as well as offering advice if requested :wink:


I’ve read all the posts on this thread with great interest as this has been somewhat discussed before. I’m not really sure why “wine” appeals more to men than women but I do think the drinks industry market very differently to males and females. TWS aside as I don’t believe they have ever treated their male members differently to their female membership, I notice a massive difference in how I am marketed drink than a man is. It’s disappointing that cheap prosecco seems to be what some retailers think we drink and gravitate towards , all you have to do is walk through a biggish duty free anywhere in the UK where sales people are in place to push their range… :“Excuse me sir , have you tried this wine/whiskey/tequila …etc… or in my case ACTUALLY happened at the Eurotunnel duty free…
Sales Person : " Excuse me madam would you like to taste this (Very cheap wine lake rubbish) wine?
ME:” No thanks, but I’d like to try THIS ( much more expensive ) wine" …….
Sales person:" of course, what kind of wine do you like ? SB? "
ME “Not always… what’s the blend in this wine?
Sales Person " Do you like Chardonnay?”
ME : “What grapes are in this wine?”
Sales Person ;" Do you like it ??
ME “No, it’s oxidised, how long has it been open ?
Sales Person (Checks sticker on btl) " 4 days” and I’m sure its Cinsault.
ME “Vinified as a White???”
Sales Person; “I’m sorry , what do you mean?”

A prime example of how women are sold wine. Women are sold cheap, pink and fizzy alcohol. They are led to believe that this is the b-all and end all of wine. I firmly believe that this is a big reason why more women are not as engaged in wine as what others of us are who see past the BS. Until drinks company’s stop this advertising and marketing I don’t think its going to change unfortunately.


Gender identity’, ‘Social media’, ‘Community correctness’…this dinosaur only speaks pigeon French/ broad Lanky … and would never knowingly upset anyone except a Tyke…I have no idea why so few females are active on the community forums ,all I can say is the ones that do take part are every bit as knowledgable and perceptive as the males.
For me, this an old man just wanting to meet up with fellow members , male and female and any who aren’t too sure which they are…hence I bring up the striking of a Northern Oick badge.
OK badge mention carried out !!!
I resisted the temptation to design a recruitment poster aimed at female members, because of my propensity to indulge in sixth form smuttiness …Hirondelle !! Nuff said !!
@inbar I think I agree with most of your reasoning, but I’ve not enough time to think about such matters when I’ve such a lot of Red Rhone to make friends with…
If anyone knows a reasonably inexpensive psychiatrist in the Red Rose area I would be grateful of his number, regardless if he was unsure of his/ her gender

@inbar I count you as a friend :wine_glass::rose:


Agree with every point, @Leah! :+1:

Interestingly, I noticed that the Wines without a Fuss leaflet that came through the post yesterday had two women on the front holding a nice large glass of white wine. The words ‘without a fuss’ and ‘women’ may have been unconscious to whomever planned this leaflet - but hell, they jumped at me! :wink:


That’s lovely to hear! Ditto! :wink:


to be fair here, there are only two people … if it was two men it would be accused of being sexist as if “wine is for men” and if it then had to be one man, one woman, be open to being “cheesy” or undifferentiated from the millions of other photos of ‘couples’ drinking wine

I like it, plus there’s a photo of some handsome men (must be, they have beards) drinking together too - though, to be fair, suddenly switching to red - note that next to it there is clearly two women drinking reds too

I guess, like my annoyance over anti-social champagne drinkers in radio adverts, we can react to things we are on the lookout for :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of truth in that! And you are right in that in this day and age someone, somewhere will find something to get offended by.

Guilty as charged!! :blush:


Is there a danger of over theorising here without a lot of factual evidence? I post quite a lot on here, sometimes on another forum, and rarely if at all on a third…where I tend to soak up things unless I have a specific question.

On one of the specific points above, I ran two or three wine tastings last year for charity, with about a dozen or so at each, generally couples. It was clear that some of the women really did want to try different things, but equally a couple were almost defiantly assertive that they liked cheap Prosecco and wouldn’t be changing…one also said she would stick to pints but that’s another story…and the old favourite about buying a nice label came out as well, so several stereotypes alive and well… :wink: perhaps the marketing men (or women) will smile…


Hopefully the Vintage Cellar Plan flyer will come through the door any day, with a sepia photo of Lord Willoughby Higginbotham-Smythe perusing the contents of his dusty cellar :face_with_monocle:


Surely Mr Cholmondley-Warner will be there too?


Over theorising is always a danger, I guess. But at least we’re having a debate. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for stereotypes – none of us are immune to them (or to falling into them), but making assumptions just because sometimes stereotypes are true doesn’t seem to be right either. There will always be women who like cheap Prosecco, but I also know quite a few man who do. And aren’t we all guilty of finding an appealing label more seductive in terms of purchase?


Indeed we are!

Men don’t drink Prosecco oop North :wink:

I plead not guilty to the last point…though I tend to be put off by truly awful labels.


Surely you just contradicted yourself…? :wink:


I don’t trust a claret that doesn’t have a drypoint image of a stately home on the front label.

Do labels sell wine?