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Christmas desserts



Frozen oranges are a favourite in our house…my daughter has one a day in her stay with us…very refreshing and kids like the novelty of it. Even big kids…

Trifle for us too.

Christmas pudding is bought, and then kept to be consumed as and when over the following year.


This might well be a stupid question, but one of genuine interest… what do you exactly do with the oranges?


Not stupid at all, I would have to consult the full recipe, which my wife will have on file…

it’s pretty easy, you slice the top of each orange, retaining the tops, squeeze out all the juice, combine it with cream and some sugar in quantities that I can confirm in due course, and then remove the bulk of the fibrous material from within each orange. Fill the hollow oranges with the mix (which might be part frozen first, will need to check) then put the tops on again, wrap in foil and freeze. Take out a bit before eating to make it easier to hack it all out!


This sounds fabulous! I definitely think my kids would like it :+1:.

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Ah ha - a fellow Christmas Pudding hater. I know, I know it’s traditional but really it’s way too rich for me. So we’re planning on a nice simple apple tart (with maybe a few festive sultanas) and a dab of unadulterated cream accompanied by a bargain mystery Sauternes I got from The Society months ago. Scrummy.


I think at this rate I’ll be asleep by dessert … these hampers are killing me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:… 5 Christmas cakes later … :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: