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Christmas Wine Gifts




Alternatively, Les Pierres Bordes and Palladium Garganega for the whites, Society’s Chilean Merlot or Notre Dame de Cousignac Luberon for the reds.


How about this for the white, something a bit different for your recipients?

Or if your budget would stretch this?

I have loved this, as an aperitif, or with food, if sweet wines would be risky.

And as others have mentioned earlier I think this is a remarkable wine for the price.


I’m on a Spanish roll at the moment - @Leah, my daughter’s wedding wines would be just the ticket for your party …

@Russ, having tasted both of the below at our Spanish tasting the other week, I would thoroughly recommend these. The muscat was a revelation!


ooooh @Ewan, I take it they went down well ? Have never tried this white. Would you get it over this?


Put it this way - ordered 24 bottles of each of four wines. Was left with:
9 x 3C Cariñena
4 x Society’s Vinho Verde
1 x Sabina Tempranillo
0 x Macabeu

I like both the Macabeu & Les Pierres Bordes, but the former just edges it for me.


I’d go spanish for the Christmas gift box:

or if you wanted to branch out, this:


That Auzells is fantastic! Such a complex wine for the price! :heart_eyes:


Thanks @Ewan, I’ll go for this white then :wink::+1:!