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COMPETITION TIME: Halloween horror wine puns (and you pick the prize!)



(Drink responsibly, even if you’re a ghost)

Good afternoon!

Just a bit of fun, but seeing as Halloween is coming up, we thought we’d repeat our tradition of holding a little Halloween competition. :jack_o_lantern:

Now, we’ve seen in the past how great you all are at puns, so we thought we’d challenge you to come up with your best Halloween horror wine puns - whether they’re puns on scary movies, typical Halloween activities, fearsome figures etc, as long as they have a wine-y twist.

What’s your poi-zin? Chardonaaaarrrrgh. The Cabernet in the Woods.

That sort of thing. Except, you know, good. (Sorry, I’m terrible at puns!)

How to enter

Post your spooktacular wine pun here before midnight on 31st October, 2019
(Alternatively, send us your wine puns via email to community@thewinesociety.com by the same deadline.)

What’s the prize?

We’ll pick a winner based on what the Community team (@martin_brown, @Ewan and I) think is the best, taking into consideration the reactions from you guys too. We’ll notify the winner via DM/email by Friday 1st November.

I also thought it would be fun to let you all nominate what the prize for this competition should be too. So if you’d like to do that, then feel free to post here suggesting a wine prize which is:

  • Currently in stock

  • Up to £25 in value

Ideally giving some kind of personal reason why you’ve chosen this as the wine you think is a great prize. :smiley:

We’ll pick the prize we think has the nicest story/reason behind it.

Looking forward to seeing your best puns!

Full terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions


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2.1 The title of the competition is ‘Halloween Horror Wine Puns’

2.2 We are asking for Halloween and horror-based wine puns. Our entry mechanics include posts on The Community’s competition topic and emails to community@thewinesociety.com


3.1 The competition will run from [TIME] on Monday 28th October, 2019 (the “ Opening Date ”) to midnight (12am) on Friday 1st November, 2019 (the “ Closing Date ”) inclusive.

3.2 All competition entries must be received by the Promoter [at the address set out at Condition 1 ] by no later than midnight on the Closing Date. All competition entries received after the Closing Date are automatically disqualified.

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How many goes can we have?


This suggests one entry, so best plan it well.


Prize suggestion:

As ‘pumpkin’ in Italian is ‘Zucca’.

That’s all I got right now :smile:


Double, double here comes trouble, whisky burn and champagne bubbles


Death stalks the land, in search of your best wines - it’s the Vin Reaper!:scream:


Anyone seen “The Rioja Horror Pitcher Show”?
It’s the story of a traditional couple in a spooky bodega who end up with a jug of something way fruiter than anticipated. By the end of the film everyone feels angria.


Okay so I have two, but can only submit one. So here’s the safe solid one:

What’s a ghosts favourite wine region - Graves! :ghost:

C’mon guys i’ve even put a emoji in and it’s an actual original wine/Halloween joke :wink:

The other is so random/bad it can’t possibly steal anyone’s thunder but I had to share it.

What do you call a ‘holy woman ‘ who’s blood been drained by a vampire. - A Blue Nun!


Ouch, yes, go with the first one :laughing:


My entry will be one of the classic movies…

Carmenere in Elk Cove

A Chile-ing account of the Oregon-al dream slasher. By a director Craven (bull’s) blood.


Oooh naming a director is a good idea. Wish I’d thought of that, I’d have gone with Quentin Hallowino.


What glasses do ghosts drink from at Halloween Weddings? Sham-pain-sorcerors, of course!

And do they have a preferred Wine Region? Yes, it’s the Loire-argh-argh-argh!


Hear about that grape from Alsace that went on holiday to Romania and came back a different variety?

It was a Tran-sylvaner.


What to drink on ‘hallowine’? Ghoulwurztraminer of course!


I am SO IMPRESSED with these puns so far - they’ve all made me laugh!

Hoping for a few more entries before midnight tonight - and also, some more suggestions for the prize wine?!


What about this as a prize… it is bull’s blood after all :slight_smile:


… Or something to ‘cast out the devil’ with, perhaps? :smiling_imp:


What did ladies of the Beaujolais use to cover their modesty when relieving themselves…A Pisse Vieille !!!


It was a dark and stormy cape night; the rain fell in torrontes …


Auntie Clare, Carmen, and Cher enter a haunted cellar. The door slams behind them and mysteriously locks itself. “Carmen ‘ere!” calls Cher. Cher reads an inscription: “By entering here Shiraz the dead and a curse will v-on-ye”.
“Cher don’nay do that, I’ve hurt myself”, wines Clare. “No you haven’t: that’s just sham pain. Anyway how do we get out of here? Can we solve the mystery and claret up? ”asked Carmen sancerrely . “Ah, you found the key Auntie? We can escape and get a nice Cab home and have a Napa”. The End.