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Coravin - worth buying?


I haven’t got a stand, case, sleeve or extra needles, and I use mine regularly and think it’s great. None of those things would be used (although I’m not sure about different needles in different corks, what’s that about?).


I think the carry case might be good to keep it in, otherwise I think three needles are the best of the accessories as they do not last forever.


Thanks all for your helpful comments. I am going for the one with extra needles, case and no sleeve…I will take my 500,000 to 1 chance with exploding bottles :slight_smile:

It comes in any colour as long as it’s red I’m told. Probably why it’s a good price, but I can cope with red…


Excellent choice. The needle pack should contain three of differing sizes for faster pouring / standard / narrower for older corks; it’s worth having the selection IME. Enjoy your new wine accessory!


Thanks for your comments @AVI6. Unfortunately it hasn’t arrived yet due to Amazon/courier incompetence at best and telling lies at worst. I cancelled the order but then managed to get it re-ordered with all accessories and at £50 less after some ‘arm twisting’ shall we say…supposed to arrive today now.


Reading this thread with interest as I have been given the go ahead for a Coravin for my upcoming birthday.
Lots of really helpful tips and insight - thanks to all.
Has anybody used the screw cap closures? Do you continue to store your wine horizontally after accessing via one of these? Is the 3 month preservation quoted by Coravin reasonably accurate?




I’ve had my Covavin about 3 years and wouldn’t be without it, only had two insistence’s where I felt the wine had oxidised after having used it (both times on a cune rioja), I didn’t know Covavin are quoting 3 months I’ve experimented up to 6 months with no noticeable changes in the wine. I lay the bottles back on their sides without any leakage bar a small residue that sometimes forms where the cork has been punctured. When you factor in the cost of the gas In my opinion it’s not worth using for a bottle that’s less than £15/20, to economise on the gas don’t press on the gas more than you need to, with patience and practice 2/3 short blasts is about enough for a 175m glass.


Thanks @KLJB

The 3 months i mentioned is in relation to these devices to use on wine closed with a screwcap rather than natural cork:

It says you quickly replace the original screwcap with the permeable Coravin screwcap and then proceed as per a corked wine.

Anyone used these with their Coravin?


That’s a new one on me.


I looked at these but haven’t got any or used them. I understand you have to take the screw cap off and replace it with this devise.

I guess that this exposes the wine to air, a little.


Presumably meant to replicate a cork for air penetration. My wife did mention that she had read you could use it on screw caps but I thought she was joking!

I am still getting the hang of getting the right amount of gas squirting…


So I have my birthday gift (slightly early) :grinning::wine_glass: and will no doubt put it to good use over the weekend.
I bought a pack of the screwcap coravin closures and will report how I find them/how well they preserve the wine etc.
Re corks - I asssume Diam corks work with Coravin in the usual way, same as natural cork?


I’ve told the family it’s the only thing on my Christmas list. Keep us posted on your experiences @woodap


In case anyone still considering one of these, some good deals currently on their website…



Mine delivered from Amazon last week


Thanks for the heads up. Have been thinking about this for ages and just took the plunge.


I thought I was annoyed having bought one a month ago…


my wife’s fault.
She’d started getting Christmas presents and pressured me into it


Just got my Coravin 2 after seeing it in action in Wimbledon Wine Cellars whilst tasting a few wines. (I ended up buying 6 lovely wines and the staff there are great) It’s brilliant and is ideal if you have people with you that have varied tastes so need to have a few Bottles available at the same time, but wont finish them, or if you just fancy one glass, then have something different say the next day. It’s really well made, although the pictorial instructions can be a little confusing, so I looked on you tube and found a couple of excellent videos that clearly demonstrate how to use it.


Great place, isn’t it. I got my Coravin from them, also after seeing it a lot in action.