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Coravin - worth buying?


Yes, my new ‘place of worship’ although I do buy online (including from the Society) I found that being able to try before you buy is a much better experience, and it’s nice to be able to sit and have a chat whilst trying some very nice wines.


One issue I have had with using my Coravin relates to wines which have lot of sediment. Clearly you don’t need to use Coravin for the last glass or even two, but I find I get a lot of sediment in the glass when using Coravin even for the first glass out of a bottle. Seems that the act of using the gas lever circulates the wine in the bottle…unless I’m doing something wrong? I have been pretty careful in not tilting the bottle too far or too fast.


I think in this case the wine could be decanted if the whole bottle was to be consumed. Reading this, I don’t think I’d use the Coravin on an older bottle if it’s likely to stir up the sediment from the bottom.


I wouldn’t use it if the whole bottle was to be drunk over a day or so.

It kind of defeats the point a bit if it stirs up sediment to that degree, though perhaps I should try the vintage needle. With one bottle I had to wait about 10 minutes for sediment to settle in the glass and then decant from one glass to another.


Haven’t tried this yet so no idea if it is correct, but I read on a website or blog a while ago (discussing old vintage port & the Coravin system) that if you keep the bottle horizontal from storage and insert the Coravin needle with minimal movement of the bottle from this position you get much less distruption of the sediment and little, if any, entering the needle & therefore your glass. It said only any good for first 40-50% of the bottle though.


It’s a good piece of kit, no doubt about it. I personally only use it when I want to take a bottle for dinner with friends/family/suppliers/colleagues and want to doubt check it’s in good condition first. I haven’t bought it for TWS but it’s because I can’t get the value and flexibility from Coravin (the company). We couldn’t be any cheaper than Amazon and so I’d suggest just buying from there! Also shipping it isn’t the easiest either. I’ve looked into it, trust me!


Up to now I’ve resisted the temptation to invest in a Coravin, as one glass is never enough(!), but has anyone here come across the stupidly-named zzysh system? It is pretty much coravin-meets-vacuvin, in that you remove the cork completely, then pump in argon through a vacuvin-style stopper. I had not come across it before but received one at Christmas, and so far used it just the once, on a grand cru burgundy we had at Christmas. We revisited the wine about a fortnight later, and it was indistinguishable from the one we had enjoyed at Christmas - ie certainly a great leap forward from a vacuvin. I wouldn’t endorse it wholeheartedly until I’ve tried it a few more times, but my hopes are high. It will be saving the second half of a decent '05 claret tonight!
I would see its purpose as rather different to Coravin. It will (I hope) enable me to open a decent bottle for myself without feeling obliged to finish it at a sitting, or within the next day or two, as I pretty much do at present. Too often I feel the second half of a “special occasion” bottle is wasted as I’m drinking it when I feel I have to, rather than when I want to, and I’m hopeful my zzysh (it really is a stupid name) will solve that.


… another gadget I must have…

It looks like the same cartridge as the Coravin.


That sounds similar to the simple cans of nitrogen you can buy (TWS used to sell them) which you simply spray into the partially empty bottle through a straw thingy and then replace the cork. Actually quite effective.


Had my Coravin now for a few weeks and very happy with it.

It does take a bit of getting used to when first using, especially as each cannister holds only 20ml of gas, so when I’m about 2/3rds down, I just pop the cork and vacuum any remaining wine i don’t drink.

I thin k it’s pretty useful if you are hosting a tasting session and don’t want to waste any wine by unnecessarily popping corks-unless of course you intend for your guests to polish off whats left. .



Quick question regarding recycling used gas canisters.

Can these be put into the recycling bin, or do they go to landfill/back to Coravin for re uses?