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Creme egg conundrum



I was on the southern part of the M42 some years ago and looking in my rear view mirror saw this…

… I slowed down to let it past and have a look, revealing a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in close pursuit was.:rofl:


That cant be road legal?!

I wonder what happened to all those red bull cars you used to see in the early 00’s. Was a mini with a large can mounted to the roof IIRC.


I was surprised to see it on the road, but saw it on a couple of other occasions and it did have a number plate. Late 90s or early 2000s I’d guess.
My other thought was how you’d write up the insurance report if they crashed into one another.:scream:

There was a whole fleet of the Red Bull Minis. I would hazard a guess that they had to be withdrawn due to the silhouette…


…it might be subject to a drone strike for resembling a mobile launcher.:grin:


All sorts of things are (allegedly) legal and licensed. If this is legal -
… then I can’t see why a creme egg shouldn’t be!