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Cricket Tours 2018


Forecast to be dry now… …pretty much until play starts tomorrow. Might just be one of those games :frowning:


Joy of joys, England bowling!!:smiley:
India have been so unlucky with the toss!
Hopefully a great morning!


A surprising lack of fireworks this morning! Broad and Anderson bowling with cloud cover at Trent Bridge - you’d expect a hatful of wickets normally. The Indian openers have played nicely so far.



Fizz - Wizz- Bangs can come from any quarter, at anytime. Hopefully.
Whilst watching, have been (hugely) amusing myself catching up on the odd recent post!?!
Sod’s Law dictates that when I go out for about an hour during/post lunch, it will all happen.


Looking forward to Monday when we have tickets. I think the Indians will be rather stung by the criticism they’ve had. At least with two tests under they’re belt they’ve now had some proper preparation!


@Bargainbob @Gavsbags

2 Down, a wasted review - my cup runneth over!?!
Going to be late going out. (SOD IT) squared! lol


Turned out to be a pretty successful session, and Jimmy will be fresh for a bowl straight after lunch. I’m quite glad india have got some runs on the board really - I prefer a close game to walkovers like the last test.


Saw the 3 wickets pre-lunch.
Just back, I suspect that I missed little.
The upside was that I snaffled 6 local medium/large langoustines and 2 King Scallops, all for £4.00.
So no red ce soir, more like a decent bottle of Chablis, Score!! lol

Old habits die hard. When I was a student, I used to pop into the local butchers and see what they had left at 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon. A lovely lamb shank or the darker end of a ribeye joint was often the prize, it was not hard to eat well. Wine, bin end baskets, but that’s entirely another story.


I was there today and it was old fashioned Test cricket again…Anderson bowled well,with no luck. Woakes too prelunch.

Kohli and Rahane really took the game in the middle session. Kohli just places the ball so well and also runs and counts well! Bonus wicket for Rashid but good luck to him. Stokes was poor with ball. Pant looks like a player.

It will be interesting to see how India bowl in more favourable conditions. Back tomorrow should be good. I do like Trent Bridge.


Two down this morning, terrific!

Unlike my yesterdays evening after the cricket, when inexplicably (GF away) I fell asleep from about 18.30 -22.30.
So decided on no dinner and no wine, it is one of my “rules” that the yardarm comes into play, so very, very rarely do I imbibe before 8.00 pm.
I will do better today, and so I hope will England!!


The morning could not have gone better with the remaining 4 Indian wickets dismissed for a paltry 22 runs.
44 -0 at lunch, fingers crossed for 2 brilliant sessions today! Yeah right!! :wink:


Cricket is going a bit better this morning. India imploding again by the looks of it

[edit - you beat me to it @Taffy-on-Tour]!


What a wally am I?
My mistake was stipulating who should have a brilliant session!
I missed 7 wickets by getting distracted on another task.
Now this is a proper game!?!
Looking forward to seeing the wickets at the tea break/end of innings summation.


Yeah, not going so well now eh?!


This test written off, no route back now.
If India bat for 2 sessions tomorrow and rack up a lead of approaching 500 runs, then with the current weather forecast we are somewhat unlikely to bat 7 sessions on this wicket and beat them.
Heck, they bowled us out in one, and few saw that coming!!


Just back from Trent Bridge, England being fairly comprehensively outplayed here. Regretting an ill judged decision to put India in. Given the forecast on days 1 and 2, they really needed to have India 5 or 6 down at lunch on day one. Even with injury to Ashwin it’s very difficult to see this going beyond lunch on Wed.

Media hype after Lords reflects the ephemeral nature of their calling these days. Still, another India win at Southampton would set things up nicely for the Oval where I am off to in September…:slight_smile:


Today, batting practice and hope for a modern day miracle!
I suppose the upside is that now the series is a proper contest.
Who knows, @MarkC might have a box seat at the Oval for a possible denouement? :drooling_face::wink:


Full credit to Buttler and Stokes who have clearly applied themselves today whatever happens result wise. Test cricket seems to have lost the art of “knuckling down” and building an innings. It seems that by and large the gap between county and tests is large and there is no one really pushing for a place by sheer volume of runs or wickets. There must be opening bat somewhere who can perform at this level.


What a wonderful day in prospect!!
I think that England will win but it’s a coin toss.
So much pressure on Moeen, but surely that’s what sportspeople live for!!
So 245 the target and with Hamilton on the 2nd row in Monza my cup truly overfloweth!! :wink::grinning:


Broads “Golden Duck” was not the best start, maybe he should bat at No.11!?!
BUT the ball that be bowled at Rahul to dismiss him was quite the “Jaffa” and all is now forgiven.
And Stoke’s catch was right out of the top drawer!