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Cricket Tours 2018


I genuinely wonder what the point of DRS is if the TV umpire still makes such basic mistakes. I think this should be a comfortable England win but if Kohli is not out and India win by a wicket I’ll be pretty disgruntled

(And yes, I know it can work both ways - Stokes NB)


Don’t agree that it’s a basic mistake. He has to find conclusive evidence to overrule the onfield umpire who gave it not out. Yes, his bat hit his pad, but for me it isn’t conclusive that he didn’t get a fine edge too. The line on ultra edge distorts two or three times, and arguably there is a very faint deflection - difficult to tell as the pad moves too…

I have seen basic mistakes from DRS 3rd umpire before, but I don’t think this is one. Not to say he may be wrong, but he has to be sure to overrule.


The point that is worth making is that with TV refereeing/umpiring we get more correct decisions.
I remember some years ago at the Aviva in Dublin, my rugby team got an incorrect call that won us the game.
Yes, swings and roundabouts but where human beings are involved there will always be mistakes.
Apparently we are 85% the more probable to win.
If we cannot win from this point, maybe we don’t deserve to!!


Well Lewis won at Monza with his 68th win.
Over 12 years we have had 68 Sundays when he has had our flag raised in honour of a F1GP win.
It will be a sad day when he retires.
And it was terrific to see and admire when he did not rise to the bait when roundly booed by the Ferrari adoring Monza Tifosi.
But back to the cricket, Kohli back in the pavilion and 5 wickets and 100 runs.
This is not a done deal for any side, yet!!


And we have arrived at the final test in this years itinerary.
The series decided and playing for pride and honour.
I pity Kohli having lost the toss at all 5 tests.
32/1 the odds, not a bet that I would have taken!!
And the nation expresses it’s grateful thanks to Alistair Cook, a player who has more than made his mark over many years. I for one, applaud his contribution in many winning sides, especially the wonderful Ashes series’ where he played a pivotal role. He will be sorely missed!!
And off to Sri Lanka in early October for 3 tests and some short format games.
And Australia host India over the Christmas period, the game from the MCG on Boxing Day, the highlight!!


Cook has been fantastic contributor over the years. I’ve read a few criticisms of him, as his average is only 45 - quite low for someone with as many runs as he’s amassed. However, being an opener I think that’s still an incredible performance. I have no idea who will come in to the team. We don’t exactly seem to have many strong candidates for that position, so I think the team can only get weaker with his retirement.

What an entertaining series this has been. Both teams are slightly flawed but we’ve seen some outstanding individual performances and a couple of very competitive games. Here’s hoping the series finishes with another.


And now we have a mini collapse on our hands.
WS, please put some La Mouline '15/'16 on sale at £20 to cheer me up!! lol :open_mouth::disappointed_relieved:


I’m with you - I just don’t buy it that 45 is a poor average for an opener in English conditions over such a long period. Maybe not great if you play 50% of your games in Asia but he’s not had that luxury


A brilliant response this morning, 247 now and could 270 or 80 be possible??
Something for our bowlers to work with especially with this degree of swing around.
Time will tell, but not the rout that yesterday might have been our fate!


300 is! Just shows what can be achieved when someone gets their head down. Ali did a job at 3 and Buttler at 7. Ball was doing too much yesterday…steward’s inquiry at Dukes maybe?

I am down at thd Oval for tomorrow and Monday, looking forward to it. And an average of 45 playing most games jn England as an opener including several Ashes series is good,…very good!


Listening to TMS and pricking many, many sloes. A very acceptable way of passing the time.


Indeed…I picked loads earlier in tge week when the salmon fishing was slow…I’ll get my coat…

Freezing them can burst the skins as well and save the chore of pricking them if they are ripe enough.



I hope that you have a cracking day at the Oval today and tomorrow.
It would appear that you may well witness a 4th victory in this test series.
Possibly some smoked salmon sandwiches, strawberries and cream and some Fizz!!
Nothing like an epic picnic, I arranged a terrific one in order to impress a girlfriend at the Portmeirion Hotel swimming pool, which was very well received!!
Sadly for me, the weather was that good that for the only time in my life, I got badly and painfully sunburnt which left my nefarious intentions for a romantic evening in tatters!!
The best laid plans…!?!
One has to laugh!


This is once again panning out to be a very interesting test. India once again seem to have used all their reviews early on. Jennings really needed a score but I suspect he’ll still tour this winter. Who with will be the question. Also not convinced by Moeen at no 3, despite a good score by the sounds of it he was far from assured. I prefer him down the order but I suppose we have an embarrassment of riches down the order, as opposed to just an embarrassment at the top!


I would settle for 350 (ish) by 5.00 p.m. and then stick them in.
Hopefully the pitch might start to break up and the spinners can clean up.
But, more than anything is to see Cook get to a century,
Unlikely but it would be terrific to see.
Fingers crossed!!


And “Fairytales” can happen!!


What a fantastic moment that was - a fitting end to a glittering test career!


2-1 Oh joy!! Anderson a legend!!


2-3 My cup truly runneth over with Kohli back in the hutch!!:grin:


Cook bowing out in style. Class act!