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Cricket Tours 2018


Tremendous day and a fitting send off. Only downside was not seeing Kohli bat for more than a ball…


And today should be fun, but maybe not for the tourists.
But there again when we have toured Australia or India we have been sent home with a disappointing result.
4-1 is an excellent series for us, I imagine that Sri Lanka might be a different challenge.
A 5 day test match that goes the distance is treat, I can hardly wait!!:smile:


I was there yesterday, and the atmosphere was amazing - looks like the Indians are bedding in for now, but one wicket could change all that.


A ball from Rashid, that is up there with the best!!:open_mouth:
And a 2nd wicket.
All we need is a wicket for both Anderson and Broad!


And a fairy tale ending!!
2 weeks off and then Sri Lanka.:frowning_face:
Better them than me.
The ECB and the games administrators have a lot to answer for.
At least this year they get Christmas off.


Quite ridiculous scheduling. All the countries need to take a long hard look at providing proper “warm up” opposition before the first test.


The scheduling for next summer is a nonsense too…

…Ashes series doesn’t start until August and goes on until mid September…all because they are trying to squeeze a 5 test series in with the World Cup too.

…we have drop in pitches, now we have drop in teams it appears.

Ultimately devaluing it…no wonder home teams have such an advantage now.

Don’t get me started on the continual parade of various people onto the pitch every other over too…no wonder they can’t bowl 90 overs in a day.


Like so much sport, there is too much.
For example, a sport like Football. I have no interest these days and I have Sky and BT Sport.
The top English teams playing each other maybe 4 times per season.
Or the Ashes every how many years.?
Just too much.
And how many 20/20 Tournaments.
The IPL, Big Bash, Caribbean, South African and soon an English one.
Player Burn Out, we will never see another Cook or Anderson again with this idiotic workload, unless the players restrict themselves or the Authorities do. But the TV money is so huge, they are not going to turn it down.
The children like I was could watch it all on BBC and ITV. These days one requires deep pockets and a 25 hour day to watch it all.
Golf on Sky and Cricket, the majority of kids cannot see the sport, they have no idols, do not play, ergo the sport dies. Falling Cricket audiences on Sky have forced Cricket back to the BBC. Less kids playing, same with tennis.
I do like a good rant!! lol


Less is more, but the golden goose must be killed first…


@MarkC ……“the continual parade of various people onto the pitch every other over too…” I couldn’t agree more with you. The buck stops with the umpires to ensure the game progresses. The ICC need to properly penalise teams that do not bowl the allotted overs in the time. I can’t think of any other sport where someone buys a ticket and can expect not to see all the play that day. It wouldn’t happen in football etc.

@Taffy-on-Tour It is too much and it does need to be on free to air TV. I remember watching the cricket on the BBC as a boy and listening to Peter West, Jim Laker, Richie Benaud et al commentating. I had Sky in the past but not now and to be fair their coverage is good.


They were being very openly heckled by the crowd at Trent Bridge, with me in full voice telling the Indian guy with the blue tabard to get his ar$e off the pitch quicker! He was wandering off when the players were ready. Umpires should have taken action. He got roundly sledged when he got off the park…

Nonsense when someone comes on with drinks bottles 5 minutes before a scheduled drinks break. Not even that warm…umpires should just tell them you’ve just had your break, get on with it! However, the umpires have not grown a pair in many cases…don’t even get me on to that spoiled cow Serena Williams…umpires should just refuse to umpire her matches. That would stop it. And don’t start me on football…


And there was me thinking that Serena was fighting for women’s rights…I must have been mistaken. Probably something for another thread


Sorry, I don’t think so…call me cynical but she was just out of order.


Sorry for any confusion but I was agreeing with you…it was the interview the following day when Serena stated that she was fighting for women’s rights that made me despair especially after the way she treated both her opponent as well as the umpire. It’s not as if she does not have previous with this type of behaviour. As I said probably a good discussion but not on a cricket thread


Ah - thanks for clarifying! Agree not for this thread! To be fair the cricketers didn’t dissent at all, just very slow at getting off the field when they weren’t meant to be on it! The whole series was played in a very good spirit which was refreshing to see.


Despite the one-sidedness of the series score a grippingly even contest.
Further if the Indians had warmed up more thoroughly and thus taken less than two matches to get to grips with the swinging ball then it may have been tighter.
A lot tighter :slight_smile:


After Trent Bridge which I was also at, I honestly thought that India were in with a good shout. They lost two matches by fairly narrow margins, they lost every toss too. Their main spinner was injured for three tests.

It does not take a lot to change for this to have gone the other way…


And in that sentence you summarise one of the many reasons I love sport :slight_smile:


Kind of reminds me of the 2013 Ashes series. The final score read 3-0 England but the 2 draws where advantage Australia and the 1st test went right down to the wire and could have gone either way.

We all know what happened the following Ashes series :wink:

Having said that, I think the Aussies are in for a fair bit of pain for at least the next 3-5 years :cry:
Would be surprised if they win a test this summer against India