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DHL / UK Mail



Oh noo, I hope you hear something soon.


Took delivery of our Christmas order today and this was the state of the box on arrival

Amazingly all bottles were intact, the right ones and none missing! I commented to the delivery chap that it looked like it had not been handled well in transit. His response was that the tape used wasn’t strong enough. And to be fair, it just looks like extra wide sellotape which doesn’t look very strong and clearly wasn’t up to the job. I did have a careful look and it does seem to be the original tape. Worrying but we have what we ordered.


Oh no! :frowning: Not a great look - definitely looks like that box has taken a bit of a battering. I believe that is the tape we use, yes - in fact, Mr Laura and I have been using it to pack up our house recently as the warehouse has kindly loaned us one of their tape dispenser thingys - and it is normally pretty sturdy and does the job.

I’m making sure these instances are being brought to the attention of our Distribution team - we do have a dedicated year-round Christmas project which tries to improve how we do things every year so this feedback is very helpful!


Thanks Laura. Usually Inhave the devil’s own job hacking into my TWS boxes as there is so much tape round the sides as well as on the top. This box had only one line of tape and I suspect wasn’t equally aligned over the gap in the middle.


Here we go again. Today’s order was delivered by DHL/UK mail.
Not to me but to a neighbour…despite someone being at home all day.
Box was damaged, and obviously someone had had a look around as the delivery note was attached to the tape!
Seem to have OK goods though
Please can we go back to FedEx?


Well I got 3 X 12 bottles ex reserves today delivered by FedEx.
Boxes looked ok and just about to check contents!:wink:


It appears that 4 bottles made it back to the office. To smash 2 bottles in a 6 bottle case appears pretty amazing. However, looking forward to getting the 4, as long as they don’t drop them again!


Argh! Not on at all. Have you reported this to Member Services in the usual way? It really does help as the Distribution guys pay close attention to all our courier feedback.


Yes .Emailed last night after my neighbour brought the wine round. Until TWS started to use UK mail, I had no delivery problems.
Hermes round here is even worse…doing their final sort on a garage forecourt in the open air, whatever the weather.


This clearly shows that privatisation works! :wink:


Whereas forty years of communism in Eastern Europe clearly showed that nationalisation works… :wink:


Yes of course privatisation works- as in Educarion, Social Services, Probation, Railways, Pot hole repairs…and on and on


Ah! but there must be a sane middle way! I believe it’s called Social Democracy. Although all such definitions now fade into obscurity in the sort of world we live in.


Working in Higher Education for the past 15 years I can categorically tell you that it DOESN’T :-1::-1:


I agree with you. Privatisation should work however. It beggars belief why people use Hermes.


Social Enterprise, Cooperatives (as TWS), community Interest Companies.


Perhaps they truly believe the Messenger God will deliver.


Sorry @inbar I was putting my tongue firmly in cheek. I spent most of my working life in Education, with a lot of time spent on inter agency projects. The increasing number of Academies, private curriculum companies and the commercial expansion of FE and HE has been seriously detrimental to the quality of delivery.


Oh, I did get that! :slight_smile: I was just confirming what you said :wink:

This combination of words is like something out of Edward Lear. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


It does seem to depend on the area, Hermes round here was appaling but now is OK the worst of all was Yodel when it was taken over by the Barclay Bros Home Delivery Empire, they simply never put the resources in and the drivers couldn’t cope, result missing packages very late packages wrong packages and on and on, plus broken items, no longer doing much round here so cannot comment on current quality, but on the old service I and many others were hopeful Sark would sink beneath waves with the bros in situ, inflicting their version of the Daily Telegraph on us was bad enough without Yodel.