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APC delivery yesterday, should have been 2 boxes, unfortunately only one and that is what I signed for. Another delivery due today and tracking shows that both are on the van, But checked the tracking on the missing box from yesterday, a bottle of Vilmart Champagne and 2 bottles of Cayetano Solera Sherry now inexplicably showing as having been delivered with the other box yesterday!! Grrhhh!!! Do some delivery drivers celebrate Christmas at our expense??
Thank the Lord it was not my precious 2005 Hermitage and Billaud Sechet Chablis 2014 that went astray, otherwise I might have had to visit the local depot accompanied by a couple of spectacularly large and hirsute Glaswegian Scaffolders that I am acquainted with, to make a polite inquiry - JOKE!! lol!!
UK Mail delivery 2 boxes just made, all present and correct!!


Just to follow up my last post.
Rang UKMail, they have a record of my signature for 1 box. They have informed TWS that the 2nd one was not available for delivery. They use GPS, the box scanning at the delivery address and my squiggly mark on their handheld electronic box to confirm details. It is reassuring that this technology is in use to reduce losses within the logistical supply chain.
One learns something new every day!! :grinning:


I’m sure there must be a HUGE DESCREPENCY between the amount of wine “lost” compared to other lost items…:roll_eyes:


I had a delivery, not wine, a few days ago and was asked for a signature on the electronic thingy, impossible to write anything legible and the driver agreed saying I doubt that would stand up in court , what’s the point ! and he added the screens get so much work that they soon only partially show anything at all, ah progress…


Now that video would go so viral, you’d be able to replace your wine with several cases of any Chave you fancy :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


One likes to make an impression!:open_mouth::wink::smiley:


I have NEVER EVER had a problem with wine delivered by TWS via DHL (or whoever is contracted) - and that is going back maybe 6 years. If I’m not in, they leave it round the back of the house - no problem whatsoever.

Absolutely 100% reliable.


My Offerus Blanc pack of six was dropped with 2 broken bottles inside. The other 4 were returned to HQ and I said Id still have the remaining four. Doh… dropped again and 3 of the 4 broken. A tragedy.
I’m grateful for the refund and a bit extra for the trouble caused, for next years contemplations.


I can’t bring myself to “like” that. Accidents happen but that’s just a tragedy!


Having worked in transport logistics for 25 years I can see things from another point of view. Many folk have unrealistic expectations which do not take into account traffic congestion, bad weather , the human element , very unsociable working hours, receivers who say they are going to be in but then go out etc, etc. and against this the rates are extremely competitive and margins very low. I was talking to a delivery driver recently who has a list of customers who are frequently out on pre-advised delivery days, live at the top of high rise buildings, or out in the sticks , miles away from anywhere thus causing delays to other customers and added to which, the driver does not get paid for non deliveries.

OK delays can happen and so the advent of ‘’ track and trace ''over the past few years if it is working reliably has been brilliant.

I have only had one delivery issue in the past five years and that was easily put right by TWS.

Keep up the good work.


My latest order is due on Monday, so I was more than a little surprised to get a text message from DHL confirming delivery this morning. Trouble is we’re away all weekend, so it’s been left in a “safe place” - down my side alley!

Why deliver it early? There’s a reason I chose Monday instead of Saturday!

So I’ll be returning tomorrow to a very soggy box of wines that hopefully haven’t suffered from spending the night in sub zero temperatures.

Anyone know if the wines will have suffered too much from their ordeal?


Hope your wines were fine. If they were exposed to positive temperature then it should be fine.

I similarly had a delivery planned for Monday, it ended up being delivered today. In my case, this is the more convenient option, but indeed, had I been away this weekend, this would have been a problem…


Should be okay so long as not too much below freezing or for too long. If the wine actually freezes then it can partially push the cork out so check they are still fully inserted. otherwise they should be fine. It’s hot temps that will do the real damage. I believe continual rapid cooling and warming can ‘suck’ air in through the sides of the cork which could cause some oxidation. But one or two chilly nights, I’d have thought would be okay, and I don’t think anywhere is forecast to fall below freezing over the next couple of days.


The wines were fine, which was a relief seeing as the case included a rather nice Brunello for Christmas Day! Fortunately it wasn’t as cold overnight to freeze the contents, although I had a rather soggy box to contend with.

My problem was why it was delivered early in the first place. What’s the point of selecting a delivery slot that’s convenient if the wines are going to turn up whenever it suits the delivery company instead?


When DHL last delivered to me, it was only one box, which I found wedged between my car and house. The other half had been in all the time and they had not knocked.


100% agree, of course! And very sorry to hear this. Did you report this to Member Services by any chance? I think they’d be interested to hear about this and they can use it when discussing Christmas delivery issues with our courier companies to make sure things go more smoothly next year.


Oh dear. Looks like I have the same issue @WineIsOneOfMy5aDay had. I scheduled a delivery for this coming Monday, but have been notified that it was delivered this morning (Saturday)… Grrrrrrrrrr!


Nah, I assumed member services would be rushed off their feet with the Christmas rush and didn’t see any point kicking up a fuss when no damage was done.