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Do labels sell wine?







Isn’t it ‘Dear Leader’? You would need a wide screen to see his backside!


‘Any-sort-of-euphemism’ Leader would do - the more imaginative, the better! :+1::wink:


The “taste” (or lack thereof) in this wine label has been discussed previously, however I have no doubt it is effective in inducing a spontaneous decision in the supermarket

Apparently, this is “wine sourced from vineyards across South Australia”. I wonder if the marketers realise (or care) that South Australia was the only state populated by the British with no convict settlers?!


I didn’t know that, thanks.

The labels are striking and I understand that those with smartphones and an internet connection can get a video or something by pointing their phones at the label.

Doesn’t work with my Nokia 3310


Re and white are currently listed by TWS


I saw this on a supermarket shelf in South Africa (I didn’t buy it)




Yup, and then I’d drop that sexist bottle of plonk on the floor where the label (if not the contents) deserves to be :scream::kiss:


The name that sticks in my mind is one sold by TWS. Motley Cru!


Adopting the “sex sells” mantra :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:!
New label just released :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Looks like the 2017 exhibits lactic notes.



Thank God it was designed by a woman otherwise there’d be hell to pay.


Stick it in the freezer with the breast milk :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Priceless, thank you for brightening up an otherwise rubbish day :rofl:


It’s still offensive, partly because it is clearly intended to be, and that’s not the proper role of a label.


That reminds me, I should charge my phone…


Given that the label is a collage of the word hallelujah and a pair of breasts, apparently dangling over a glass of wine, I’m wondering where the offence is being caused. Mouton Rothschild needs little in the way of promotion, so the design of their labels is largely benign in the marketing stakes.


Anyway, it’s clearly a cursive ‘w’ with a low-altitude diaeresis.

Boobs indeed, pfff, what are you like, you lot.


Didn’t the last label of Mouton in this style lead to a ban on import of the wine labelled that way in the USA? I’m of the same mind as Suiko in that it is an unsuitable label and almost certainly done in the full knowledge of the likely reaction (after all we are discussing it).