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Do labels sell wine?




but given so “few” people will buy this I doubt anyone will bring forward a complaint…they would have to have a lot of front if they did !:joy:



If it was a naked statue depicted, no-one would give a fig!


leaf ?


Roll ?


oh…love a fig roll !


I’m deducing you’re thinking of the 1993 label which had a pencil sketch by Balthus of a reclining nude female.

Despite many articles, it was never banned in the USA because the winery decided not to ship the wine with that image to the USA.

Instead the 1993 vintage in the USA had a blank space instead of the drawing.


The offence - for me- is the tiny bowl of the glass and that it is overfilled.

Fine red wine deserves better treatment!!!


Thanks. I couldn’t remember the details.


Fixed it:



Of course really the only offensive thing is the price :wink:


My daughter said these are someone’s eyes…