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Does your interest in wine influence where you travel?



Priorities !!!


If you were really serious, you’d make more space by leaving the kids behind :rofl:


Ditto but to Santander and returned via Bilbao after a four day excursion into Rioja, on paper it is not a cheap option but it is only 24hrs and you have a cabin and several restaurants on the bigger Santander boat, and if you cost the driving down from Calais overnight stop two days solid driving petrol meals etc it is a no brainer.
Plus of course you have the car to load up.


Yeh Cape Town In general was absolutely amazing, amazing food, great wine and very well priced.

I visited three of our suppliers- Villiera, Warwick and Kanonkop. I was also meant to be visiting Meerlust but unfortunately ran out of time.

All were absolutely amazing in their own way. Villiera’s sparkling wines were great, Warwick does all varieties of wine, but the reds especially were tip-top. They have a beautiful winery and do amazing picnic lunches. Kanonkop was unfortunately more of a flying visit, but their reds are some of my favourite and was nice to visit as it’s one of the more historic estates.

Can’t wait to go back.


Unfortunately not.

The Ratcliffe family, who founded the estate, sold it recently and under the new ownership they no longer make the excellent Bush Vine Pinotage, and appear to have pulled up the vineyard.


To answer the OP - with a young family, no - but it will certainly influence where I retire to! Most of my ventures abroad are for work but I can usually find something wine related to shoehorn in if I’ve got a spare day/afternoon. Even if it’s just getting a sample of the local tipple with a bit of food. Off to the Ardeche in a few weeks and have some great tips from TWS already.