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Dropping a bottle


Mine too, so disappointing! :cry:
I thought that I had got an award. :cry: :cry:
Talking of prizes, has any member here ever won a bottle of Champers in the Christmas Draw??


And my green circley thing is back!!:open_mouth::wink:
Where’s my bottle??:wink:


Matron!!! Please…


Many thanks for this - I am useless at DIY though - I have informed Mrs G - she had a good think and said she would have a go at repairing it…we shall see🤔


Not yet! Maybe this’ll be my year…


If putting a premier cru Chablis in the freezer for a quick chill and completely forgetting about it counts, then…


It means you are logged on to the community.

If it goes red it means you are transferring any wines you hold in Reserves to me. Cheers :+1:


Haven’t done that for a while, but guilty in the past.:cry:


That’s not dropping a bottle, it’s dropping a clanger!

Some great (and painful) stories here!


Always put the cooker timer on when doing this…


You wish!!:open_mouth::wink::grin:


Now Taffy and I have a green dot at 11 o’clock position on our avatar.

Wot’s going on?

(BTW @Taffy-on-Tour, 'bout time you got a picture instead of that ‘T’.)


Hear hear …! It would be great if EVERYONE had some kind of avatar :+1:


Think it means you are on line


Yes , that’s exactly what it means . It’s replaced the fluorescent ring .


Then it’s not working properly.

That we report seeing our avatar without the green ring/dot proves that we are ‘online’ and reading the site and the site doesn’t know it.

My dot popped up today only after I posted.


Luckily not wine, but a couple of years ago I picked up a freshly opened bottle of olive oil…the neck of the bottle was slippy and in the inevitable slow motion, I saw it slip out of my hand, hit the worktop (and take a chunk of granite out) then bounce on the floor…and on the second landing smash…

Any idea how far one litre of oil will spread? … I do :frowning:


We had similar this year - it goes everywhere! The kitchen was like an ice rink for weeks afterwards


When I changed roles at work and moved to a different department, I helped one of the people I used to manage with the application and interview prep to be my replacement. He got the job, and thanked me with a bottle of Rioja. As I was leaving the office that day, it slipped out of my bag and hit the base of my office chair and smashed all over the carpet. I wasn’t too sad for the wine, as it was a fairly run of the mill bottle, but it was very kind of my colleague to buy it for me and it was a shame I didn’t get to have a glass :disappointed:


I’m living in hopes. Last year my order went in the day before the offer was announced so I was careful to wait this year!