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Dropping a bottle


If I win a bottle, then I will give it away as a Christmas gift.
Of late, I tried the Boizel NV, not a fan, the Gratien NV - not bad but no cigar. Found 1/2 bottles of Bolly at my local Asda for £18 a pop and was back on board. It’s palate, plain and simple, I adore the biscuity tones of Bolly and if you get a really good RD you get a spring meadow of floral scents dancing around your brain. The Bolly 2004 RD as supplied by the Society is £139, this year I will pass and “make do” (how bad does that sound!!:wink:) with the Bolly 2005 or 2007!!
And I remember all of those Christmases, NY’s, Birthdays that I spent on an offshore Oil & Gas Platform just outside the Arctic Circle that was virtually alcohol free, for very good reasons, enduring the privations that came with the job. So a spot of Bolly now, is a treat that causes me no guilt, especially as at the beginning of the Festive Season I like to make some worthwhile charitable donations.
But I wish you all the best in the Draw, my history regarding Lady Luck is when she arrives at my door, it is as an avalanche which has been fun!!:smile:


Did anyone see the broken wine bottle episode of Northern Exposure? A brilliant spoof on wine tasting!


means you have earned ‘editor’ status. You have edited one of your posts after posting. I only know this because it happened to me yesterday.


not quite - the green dot is an indicator that you are “online” - you are on the site and have done something like posted, edited, liked, …

it is a way for us to be able to choose to be more “synchronous” and speak to those who are currently online in certain chats as well as “asynchronous” and contributing to discussions over time