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Eto - getting to know a new gadget



To my great surprise my brand new eto decanter has been delivered today. It came with a separate rubber ring that I was advised to use to replace the one in the device for better performance…

I decided to embark on a 12-day experiment to test the thing… opted for this wine as I was craving some nice Burgundy.

The instructions were very easy to follow and soon my bottle was decanted into the device. It appears that the capacity is actually a bottle minus one glass rather than a bottle, but after pouring a glass it was functioning properly. It was also a good opportunity to try my new glass…

I will revisit every two days and see how it develops… right now the wine is sublime… by the way, has anyone seen a cork like this before?


Looks interesting! Nice mid-week tipple! Please let us know how this experiment goes.


On the cork - I believe it’s called an Ardeaseal. Ponsot switched over to bottling under them approx 10 years ago I think.

Difficult to get a consensus on opinions, but from what I’ve heard corked bottles now less of a problem but wines potentially developing more slowly.


Thanks for sharing this @szaki1974, really interested to hear how the wine is over the next few days :+1::wink:
PS: love Zalto glassware , they are a thing of beauty :heart:


I am all agog, poised on the edge of my seat (or skis) awaiting the results. I really think this is going to be the beast for me and my style of drinking. Strange how you have to take one glass out first. I assume it will take the whole bottle so you can let it breath for a while first before taking that first glass and 'sealing it?

Thanks so much for sharing this!


Hi thanks for sharing. I was on google the other day looking for this again. I’m confused by the website - it still just seems to suggest they’re in production? They do look great and can’t wait to get one. Look forward to hearing how they do!


Yes, I thought so, too. It may have just been my technique, will require more extensive testing. There is an off chance I did not fully extend it or might have straightened it slightly early when decanting.


It does look great IRL, too. Also the valve solution looks so simple, but yet very clever.


if it doesn’t take a full bottle it would be a major draw back and a no from me

for research, please can you drink more to test it again ! :slight_smile:


one major problem i’ve had with them is their tendency to “weld themselves” to the glass and be very difficult to remove after a few years

I’m pretty sure this was with Olivier Leflaive wines


Interesting, didn’t realise Olivier leflaive had used them, believe he’s using DIAM on everything now.


I also have been genuinely interested in this since it was first announced.
All the videos on the decanter show a glass being poured straight away before the seal can be used, logically this is because the neck cannot be sealed so the seal works from where the straight sides start, if that is so it begs the question as to why the container was not made bigger to take a full bottle or made with just straight sides, all this is conjecture as only someone like yourself can say for sure if that is so.


checked wit the oracle…these were back fro 2002-2004

certainly the more recent vintages are under DIAM


Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see the need to pour a glass first as an issue.

Most likely you will want at least 1 glass when opening a bottle. The aim of the ETO, as I understand it, is to help preserve the rest of the bottle for longer. For this to work at its best you want to have the wine in the ETO and ‘resealed’ as it were, asap.

The glass you want now can breathe in the glass. By definition of the aim of the product you don’t want the wine in the ETO breathing, so why would a full bottle of wine ever need to be in it?


I am with you on that… let’s see however how I fare with my second bottle in 2 weeks time…


I had never seen one of these before util this thread, thanks @szaki1974. I had a look at the website and it does state that you can fill with a whole bottle. But that is somewhat irrelevant, @woodap is correct if you are opening the bottle then you are going to pour a glass anyway so who cares whether the whole bottle goes in or not. I will be keeping my eye on this thread as I may have to invest, saying that when I open a bottle it very rarely ever sees another day !!!


I have ordered a couple of etos and they should be arriving any day now. I do think it is a bit of an issue regarding the capacity. I got a copper and a silver one and I had envisaged also using them at the dinner table (one for white, one for red) with the wines being able to then be put in the fridge after if not finished. So basically also using them from a wine presentation perspective and the capacity would limit this.


At this point it could completely be my inadequacy…


This a very fair point (and clearly one of those I was missing!)


My eto arrived yesterday and I tried it last night. It states it is 750ml and I had no problem pouring a whole bottle. I think you have to make sure it is fully extended.