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Eto - getting to know a new gadget



What do people think of their Eto(s)? I must admit I’m disappointed. I’ve tried it with 2 bottles of red wine and they definitely show signs of age / oxidation after a few days. I’ve just finished a red wine - BBR’s own St Emillion . I opened it on Saturday and by Monday there was signs of oxidation. I’ve just finished it tonight and it didn’t taste like the wine I opened on the weekend.

I would like to know others thoughts.


I have found the eto better than the pump seal gadget I was using before. I did a comparison on an Exhibition Rioja and then a Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine and found after three days the eto delivered much better in both cases, particularly the white, but it certainly was not as when sealed in either case. I also find air bubbles appearing around the seal after 5 or 6 days. The one time I left a wine for seven days (another Rioja) I found it quite oxididated, So overall, not that impressed for the cost.


I’m very pleased with mine. Not sure I’d want to leave wine in them for longer than ten days but so far results have been good. I only ever have one glass of wine a night and so always take at least 5-6 days to drink a bottle. In the past I have used canned gas, which works pretty well but is a bit of a pain and a bit hit and miss, and an “anti-ox” stopper, which is supposed to absorb the free oxygen in the bottle and which worked surprisingly well. In the past I have also used the vacuum pumps but have always found they leave the wine tasting flat. I have so far found the my etos work better than all of those techniques. So regardless of their actual performance I’m already on a winner compared to previously.

However I’d go further than that. When I’ve used the etos with cheaper young wines (that generally don’t last at all well once opened) I really haven’t noticed any change for good or ill over about a week. Two examples of such wines I’ve had recently would be Lascar Carmenere and Nero d’Avola La Ferla. Both were as lovely at the end as they were when opened.

When I’ve used them with more structured wines that could use opening up a little it seems to have worked well too. In this case I generally pour and leave it open for a couple of hours, as I would a decanter, and the wine opens up just fine. It does continue to develop after I have closed it but, since I have a glass every day and so am opening it up to the air every day, that’s only to be expected. But after a week such wines are still much better than with the other methods and I find they are usually just a bit softer. A recent example of such a wine would be Domaine de Thalabert.

And at the farther end of the scale I’ve also kept a 1999 Chateau Musar in one for about six days, opening it for a glass every night, and here I really noticed little change at all.


I’m slightly mystified about how to use it properly in that you can either push down the seal until it rests just about on the surface of the wine or you can keep pushing down and seem to squash the liquid into a much smaller space. I thought there’d be some indication when the correct connection/seal was made but there seems quite a lot of variation as to what’s possible. Anyone know what’s best practice?


It’s fine, like anything it has plusses and minuses. Wine does develop in the eto, just more slowly than left in bottle. I’ve found more structured and substantial wines do better - anything lacking in body at all to start drops off quickly.


I find the cleaning a bit of a pain. Mine has a vinegary smell I can’t get rid off no matter how many times I clean it. That said I haven’t noticed the smell impacting the wine when I have used it but there has clearly been a bit of wine in one part of it one time after cleaning.


We sometimes get this with our decanter; the best thing that works every time (eliminates smells completely, and leaves no flavour) is a Brewer’s Steriliser, which my other half uses when he cleans his brewing kit. You may have already tried it - but if not, I can highly recommend.

We use Young’s:



Thanks Inbar, I have done a few brews myself so I have some at home I will give it a go.


If you look at the ‘plunger’ that comes down to the wine it is cup shaped. To be effective all the air must be eliminated from that cup, so you push down until the outer seal reaches the wine then keep going until it will go no farther. At that point the wine has filled the cup and pushed the ball valve up into its seal so there is now no more air in contact with the wine. If you stop as soon as the outer seal reaches the wine then there is still a reasonable amount of air in contact with the surface of the wine so more ‘development’ will occur.

Obviously some will anyway as during each pouring the remaining wine will have absorbed air in the process. As @Jcbl says it does develop in the eto just more slowly. And yes I’d agree that more structured wines do better. Not unsurprisingly really.


Thanks for the reply, Mike. You explain it much better than eto do themselves. I’ll see how I get on…


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Would most people who own one of these recommend it? Looks like the typical gadget I could request for Christmas that looks snazzy and I might get some use from…


I have had mine for sometime and not impressed however having read through the posts maybe I have not been pushing down on the plunger enough so I will try that
I keep meaning to speak to the manufacturers as it came with a replacement seal saying that this was improved however my grandson played around with it and I do not know which one was the modified one! One is more supple than the other


Interesting you said that. I’m not impressed with mine at all, i don’t feel its any better than leaving the bottle open. I put some wine it in over the weekend and tilted it. There was a gap between the wine and the seal. I looked at various videos and noticed that there was no gap when they tilted it. I emailed Eto yesterday and they said they are going to send me another seal. Hopefully that should rectify the problem. I received mine in August 2019 and it only came with one seal.


Also you do need to push down until it won’t go any further. It will go almost a centimetre further past the point where the seal contacts the wine.

It works fine for me and I’d recommend it, however I do think the more robust the wine the better it stores in the eto.


I will try it pushed down harder. I found the wine had a slight taste of the seals?