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Eurovision 2019


maybe its more political ??


NORWAY !!! wow


Oh dear… poor Michael. Surprised Germany didn’t get any at all though…


Who the hell gave that many votes to Australia???


…and we got a winner! :tada::sparkler:


I can’t even remember the song… Other than it was a bit boring.


Well there you go!! Netherlands… who would have thought!!


I feel a bit flat now… Or is that the Dutch landscape getting to me?..


Lucky for you… its coming right up !!:smile:




All I can remember is that it was some kind of anthemic pop ballad, but that doesn’t narrow it down…


Well, it’s night night from the pride of Brighton! Perhaps this was all a nightmare…? :flushed: :+1:


Yep, time for bed…


Well, there’s always next year… nite all…


Gonna walk my mum back to her place in a mo - there’s no way in hell she’s driving :crazy_face:


Missed this as we had to watch it last night instead, took all my social media self control not to find out who won.

There were even far too many posts on the ‘summarise this topic’ thread so I will just go ahead and assume everyone agrees that Iceland were spectacular, The Netherlands were vomit-inducingly dull (staging: 0 points) and it’s a travesty that Australia didn’t win.


Dear Mr Herbert, Your post is very funny. Doesn’t the Eurovision Song Contest make you proud to be European! Having left school in the early 1960’s, my geography isn’t as good as it once was. Even on a modern map of Europe, I couldn’t find Australia. Yet their song was passable. Not quite as dreary as some.

The songs might not be to everyone’s taste. But they are the best Europe has to offer. Each of them went through an elimination process to find the best one. So you can imagine what the others were like.

Those of you who watched to the end were treated to Madonna. I’m told she sounded a bit like Michael Jackson giving a sermon on the mount. She also sang flat throughout. The electrics failed which made the show even funnier.

The contest was won by Holland. One wonders who the judges were.


Every time! :+1: :eu: