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Eurovision 2019


Club anthem right there with a higher bpm!

this will do well!


I preferred the Norman Greenbaum version.


Bring on the Sami lilt!!!


Well that is QUITE a jacket!

(Sorry I’m late to the party! Loving your comments so far :joy:)


Favourite so far. Shame they haven’t gone full backing dancers etc


I’m voting for the Sami song :heart_eyes:


I’d love to know what the bald guy is singing because it sounds VERY fun!



Love the way that guy with the really low voice pops up every now and again, like in the Temptations.


How many Sami are actually watching this do you think?!


Probably just the ones in the band :joy:


Did he just say ‘the pride of Hartlepool’? Is there such a thing?


Only if you like hanging monkeys.


Yes!! He’s good!!


Meh from me and Vermentino… :neutral_face:


I feel like unless his jacket starts changing colour or something we’re not going to make much of an impression here… oh wait a choir and fire, fixed it!


Time to switch to Southern Rhône red



This song category’s a bit crowded. He needed to do something a bit upbeat and a bit funky. This’ll get forgotten.


‘Thank you Europe’… Soon we won’t be allowed to say that!?