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Tonight was the Christmas walk-round tasting in Swansea (thoroughly enjoyable) and one attendee raised the point that people hadn’t had emails to notify them of the event. I only knew about it from checking the website and friends who attended only did so because I told them about it. Surely the Society’s system can identify people who live near a specific event and can send out appropriately targeted information?


I have made this point before Anne. I agree that there should be more joined up thinking and targetted marketing of these tastings. I now get the quarterly tastings hard copy, but didn’t for quite a while, which led me to miss some in Glasgow that I would have attended.

Unless you get into the habit of checking the website section regularly - and it isn’t prominent either - then it’s very easy to forget about them. I think for London and Stevenage they are so regular that people probably check more often, as there will be several each quarter. However I think that the profile of events elsewhere needs to be raised a bit more.


At the risk of playing devil’s advocate - is it realistic to expect that information is constantly tailored to us individuals?
If one is interested in tasting events, wouldn’t it be simpler and more pro-active to just look for the info? I love attending events, but frankly, I don’t wait for TWS (or any other local merchant) to tell me about them, lest I might die of old age. I periodically look around, and note down the ones that seem interesting to me - then book if I got the time and inclination.


I 100% agree with you @MarkC and @AnneC. We are told continuously that there are not as many events run outside of London due to member numbers … but as you have rightly pointed out, if these events are not being promoted even to current membership, than that membership will not be bringing along any non members to get a taste of what the society is all about.


Lucky for you @inbar , you have a plethora of events from many different sources to seek out. It’s not unusual to check the whole qtr to find nothing on in our areas from TWS or other merchants. So respectfully you don’t live in an area of little or no events and really have no experience of this.


Majestic and one other local merchant manage to email me to advise of tasting being held and the former probably have a customer database comparable to the WS nationally…

I for one just don’t remember unless I get something to remind me. It’s not even that prominent on the website though at least there is now a tab called ‘tastings’ which there didn’t used to be.

As I said, I do now get the quarterly flier at least which I didn’t for some years. However, in many cases there isn’t one local enough to me every quarter. Only twice a year maybe.

Is an email too much to hope for?


I totally empathise with the lack of opportunity for tasting event where you are, @Leah, and I swear that I am not being flippant or disrespectful. Quite the opposite, in fact. Even in jolly old Brighton - there has been quite a number of events I missed, for lack of advertising, so I figured it’d be easier to avoid disappointment by actively looking out for stuff.
I would also point out that even with the proximity to London, I rarely go to events there - it’s not that cheap or convenient (and that’s an understatement!). When we attended lunch in Stevenage, we ended up spending a night there - it was almost cheaper to do that than go on the train. If there are less events where you live - doesn’t it make it easier to home in on those that do happen?

In any case, there is no doubt that better advertising is needed - I just don’t know how feasible it is for TWS to specifically target us?


I think it shouldn’t be that difficult to single out members who live in a certain area. Search by area, select members, send email. Even the basic crm system software can do this . I think it’s a reasonable request and while I appreciate people should actively seek these events out, there will be a large part of the membership who most likely still use the quarterly book and don’t use the website at all so for them if they mislay they’re events insert etc… it would be nice to be reminded .


Totally agree about that. Even if we spot an interesting event, unless it’s booked there and then - it’s easy to forget.

Perhaps this forum can help somewhat? We can alert each other to local events to us…? But perhaps this is beside the point, and what you’re saying is - there should be software which should sort this out.


I wouldn’t rely on software. There was apparently an attempt to notify people of tastings ‘in their area’ a few years ago, and I started to get notifications of places at least 60 miles away. Although I live near Stevenage and 30 minutes from London, I had nothing about these. ‘Near’ is a rather flexible concept because it depends not just on home address, but where you work or travel to regularly for other reasons, and on transport links. I think we are back to the idea that people need to be able to say what they want. I do now get the quarterly tastings list, and I think ensuring that it is sent to anyone who wants it is the simplest solution.


There is one in Scotland in the next 4 months. In Edinburgh. 65 miles for me…though I could stay at my daughter’s it would have to be quite a special event to travel and stay for.

If they can manage a Burns Supper in Stevenage, surely one could be done up here?


Having had a society tasting cancelled last year due to lack of numbers I would welcome some promotion of events to members. I know of a few friends and family that I’ve persuaded to join over the years and know that they are dormant members that may well be interested in attending if they knew about events nearby.


Glad to see there’s (almost) unanimity on this. Particularly I think Leah’s put it well - there’s only been 2 events in Swansea in 3 years - we’re the second city in Wales, people! Last night wasn’t as well attended as the previous one and many people had only found out about it by chance. These informal tastings are potentially a great way to build membership & further engage existing members and I still believe the IT system is capable of regionally targeted mail shots.


Weirdly enough, we do already do geographically targeted invites AND reminders by email, so I’m very interested (and disappointed!) indeed to see that it appears lots of people aren’t receiving these. :thinking:

I’d love to pass this over to some of the people involved to have a look at - thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’ll post an update if I can get one asap!


Can definitely say I’ve never received any emails on this Laura. The quarterly flier even stopped coming until I told the WS that I wanted it. I’ve supported two out of three events in Glasgow in the last 18 months (and I was away on holiday for the third one) , so I would definitely expect some kind of proactive communication.

I might even go to Edinburgh, who knows?


I’ve never received an email or targeted notice of upcoming events either @laura, maybe there is some sort of glitch in the system.


Nope, no email info here either. To be fair southwest Wales is far away, but we have email!


It’s frustrating, isn’t it. Five years in Swansea taught me that if I wanted to see a decent band, I had to go to Cardiff.


If “Swansea Jack” could find and rescue 27 souls from a watery demise, then I’m sure TWS in the 21st century could identify and communicate with members from a range of postcodes that reside in or about the city that gave Dylan Thomas to the world. :wink:


Ahhhh… Do not go gentle into that good night…
One of the best lines in poetry! :+1: