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Favourite artist and track



Having watched TOTP 1978 on BBC4 the other night, this …


I was fortunate to see CSN at the Hammersmith Apollo approx 3-4 years ago. I was not expecting too much as they were getting on a bit (aren’t we all) but they were superb and they played Guinevere - Crosby and Nash only - a highlight. Crosby can be a real pain but he has written some wonderful songs over the years


YES! Superb song! I’ve always felt that The Yes Album has the raw, visceral energy of a debut, not a band’s third album. What a way to showcase your new guitarist. And Steve really goes for it in the live version, although of course the wonderful Bill isn’t there, if we’re thinking about the same recording.

Aw wow. I’d love to see them live, just to watch Stephen Stills in action! Well, not just him, but you know…


Talking about the Hammersmith Odeon, saw Santana with Earth, Wind & Fire!
Carlos was quite wonderful, it was amusing the way he hid behind speaker columns like he was embarrassed by his prodigious talent. My brother got the very close to the front seats (he worked for a record company) and even offered the same seats for the following nights performance. We went to a Greek restaurant, post gig and I got my first taste of a quite hideous Retsina. Wallpaper paste or pure cellulose was my take! Ugh!?! The Domestica was no improvement.
So in memory of that night, Carlos playing “Samba Pa Ti” preferably on the Japanese Import of a luxury box set. I have it some where!?!
My mate Dai who was studying Astronomy at Queen Elizabeth saw Santana and Elton John at Earls Court for 10 bob!

For a taste:


I saw them there too, but I think it was more like 10 years ago for me. Stills just seemed to be wandering about the stage aimlessly for parts of the show, but then did a Booker T cover that was amazing. I’m another big fan of that first CSN record :+1:


I saw Santana at the Rainbow Theatre Finsbury Park then the Astoria in '73, basically on the strength of the Caravanaserai album which I still have, great venue at the time with the Beatles Stones, The Who and the Beach Boys who were tremendous, no one thought they could reproduce their sound live, oh yes they can, great days.


We saw Steve Cropper and his band at Ronnie Scott’s not so long ago - many of them from the original Blues Brothers band - going through the music repertoire and stories. Such a great atmospheric venue where you get up close.
Booker T was at Latitude festival a couple of years back too. Tom Jones did a gospel set too. Such great entertainers.


now someones mentioned The Band I can’t get this out of my head


Reading this thread reminds me that I saw Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Wembley in 1974. The support acts? The Band, Joni Mitchell and Jessie Colin Young! Memorable but in terms of live gigs not quite as memorable as the Neil Young ‘Tonight’s the Night’ tour at the Rainbow (the year before but I could be wrong).


To answer the original question - probably favourite artist would be Elvis Costello but favourite track (this changes almost daily) currently would be ‘Help on the Way’ by Grateful Dead.


That just made me drool! I was born in the wrong, wrong decade.

At this particular moment my favourite thing in the world is this version of How Many More Times (starts at about 19 minutes but just watch it all):

This whole performance is jaw-dropping. They’d only been together a matter of months and they were already like a wild force of nature. At one point there’s a look of boyish joy on Jimmy’s face which just says “YES! This is the band I’ve always wanted to be in!”


Saw LZ sometime in the ‘70’s. They were LOUD - but my wife still managed to sleep through part of the set… (plus I think I may have slept through their set at Bath festival in 1970).


Ha ha! This is what can happen when there’s a glut of good bands: you can afford to sleep through Zeppelin at a festival.


Crosby, Stills and Grenache, surely … #getscoat


Due to see Robert Plant and Van Morrison at Blues Fest. RP always throws in versions of the Led Zep favourites and its fantastic. His folk band start playing a riff that you think “hang on, where have I heard that…” and then… Bang, it’s heavy metal time. Can’t wait.


That made me think of Cylon and Garfunkel…


In all my years of gig-going I’ve managed to stay awake throughout, but it’s getting more and more precarious as I get older and life gets busier…! Do know a guy who decided to have a pre-Hendrix power nap back in the 60s and missed the whole gig (oops). More recently, another friend went to see one of his favourite metal bands after an especially punishing shift, and managed to nod off in the front row with his head resting on the stage. No mean feat - the band stopped playing to check if he was ok :flushed:


… no wine involved surely …


He was teetotal at the time, on my honour! :joy:


@Oldandintheway do you remember if the concert was any good? I have read that Neil Young was not enjoying himself and kept his distance from the other three. I probably would have gone but I was only 12 in 1974…I think my first concert was Blondie at Hammersmith Odeon (as it was called then) in 1978 but it may have been Status Quo in 1977. Perhaps I should start another thread - first concerts and/or best live acts🤔