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Favourite artist and track



The whole day was good (and a fair few of the CSNY performances are on the recent CSNY 1974 box set). My lasting memory though Is of Joni wrecking ‘Helpless’ by inappropriate wailing, though others might view it as backing vocals.

There’s some video footage of the Band in one of the Band box sets.


If ever I feel a little blue then I just listen to this Finnish version of YMCA and somehow know that everything will be OK


Outstanding :smiley:


Aargh - my ears!!! Aargh - my eyes!!!


Sitting in a pub in The Hague listening to the music and I am just reminded how much infatuated with The Doors I was in the early1990s… for obvious reasons no live gig experience… but still… Indians scattered on dawn’s highway, bleeding


Ooh which Pub ??



This is the one…


It is called Huppel, in Oude Molstraat.


It felt like forever … waiting for this album. But they got there, in the end:

I love Tool. It’s so nerdy, right up my street.


My other half used to flat share with an accentric South African tatooist, who loved Tool!

Unfortunately, the chap fell out of love with them, when he noticed the lyric “f*** your tatoos!”… :hushed:


Ha ha! I think he was referring to this little number:

But the main thrust of the song is that we should learn to swim :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:


Apparently “yes! That’s the one!!”… :smile: you’ve just trasported my other half back 19 years…!

I practice swimming quite enthusiasticallly myself :+1:


Great choice also in that the lead singer, Maynard James Keenan, is also a winemaker at Caduceus in Arizona!


Ah yes! I knew he made wine somewhere in Arizona but I could never remember the name of the estate…!


Re Grapelli and Reinhardt…a few years back I spent a lovely holiday in Collioure and on the first Sunday we spent lunchtime drinking Cote de Roussillon accòmpanied by pate de campagne whilst a local trio played a selection of G/R outdoors against the sea wall…sublime experience and dare one say " so French!!!"


This still sounds like it comes from the future despite being made nearly 50 years ago…

… and good with a glass of Riesling too !


Love all that '70’s German stuff Neu, Can, Kraftwerk etc…

Listening to a lot of southern Italian folk, both traditional and modern. Love the Neapolitan and Salento dialects as well as Griko (Puglian and Calabrian Greek)

This may be familiar to fans of the Sopranos


That was terrific. The female singer’s voice and vibrato especially. Feels like I’ve just had a three minute holiday in the southern Med.

Thanks for posting !


That was absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


I had to play that a second time!

That song just pulls you along in its wake … love it.