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Favourite artist and track



I work from home mostly, and prefer to listen to other folks music choice - after all Ive heard my own extensive music collection many times over. So it’s online radio for me.

Radio Caroline - for those of us who remember music in black&white. https://carolinestreams.weebly.com/ - tends towards ‘yacht-rock’, and can be a bit old and boring (like me actually).

Quasar - more interesting - http://www.quasarradio.uk/listen/

If you like Bowie - I strongly advise find this one online, live at his 50th birthday bash (features Lou Reed, Robert Smith ((cure)) , Gail Ann Darcy). Doesnt get much better.


Oh, and I’ve been returning to this as well, for its 50th birthday this month:

Somehow, an album that includes Maxwell’s Silver Hammer still manages to be utterly brilliant. That takes some skill.


It’s a wonderful album. I’m not criticizing the songwriting because, y’know, The Beatles were quite good at that, but it feels to me like a production masterpiece par excellence. The whole thing (apart from I Want You (She’s So Heavy) which might have invented prog-metal) is so bright and clear and sounds like summer to me. Marvellous.

I still prefer the White Album though.


Me too!! :grinning:

I love the chaos of it - it feels like the whole thing is falling apart, yet certain songs always bring a massive smile to my face - either because of their wonderful charm (Blackbird), or because they’re utterly bonkers (Why Don’t We Do it in the Road) or because they are just blooming marvellous (Dear Prudence)… but I think you and I must be in the minority…? :thinking:

The other half calls is the Shite Album.


It’s definitely the chaos of it that appeals. There are great songs on it of course but it just sprawls in such weird directions from song to song and I love the inventiveness of it. I always think of The Beatles’ albums in terms of the vinyl releases, and in my opinion side 3 of the White Album is the best side of vinyl they made:

Yer Blues
Mother Nature’s Son
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
Sexy Sadie
Helter Skelter
Long, Long, Long

I don’t think there’s an all-time classic in there, and there’s no narrative or conceptual link between them, but it just fits together so well and so weirdly. Love it!


So that’s why I love it so much!

I agree about the production. And the harmonies in songs like Because and Sun King are pure silk.

No, me too! The White Album remains my favourite, possibly for sentimental reasons, but probably because it’s just such a magnum opus. It must include every style of western popular music that existed in 1968. It might have accidentally invented a couple along the way too.


I should clarify that I Want You (She’s So Heavy) is my favourite track on Abbey Road. I love its droney, spacey menace.

Incidentally, I think my daughter might be the only person in the world whose favourite Beatles track is Wild Honey Pie.


I think that’s what totally appeals to my sort of brain. Come to think of it - it’s not unlike my approach to buying and drinking wines…! Every day something else appeals - I don’t do well with uniformity or repetition - so every new wine fires up a different neuron, a bit like every new song on this album follows its own course, with complete disregard to what came before or what comes after.

Or perhaps I’m over-philosophising here! :face_with_monocle:


That’s a great description. I still remember the first time I heard it … such a kick-ass song.

Have you heard this cover:

Very Pixies!


Gosh! She’s a classy girl! My daughter’s favourite at her age was Octopus’s Garden. I used to do her nits to it :scream:

She’s moved on to Debussy now, though :grinning:


I think I read somewhere that they spent weeks agreeing the running order for that album, and it shows. The way the whole album ebbs and flows is inspired.


It’s like ‘how much more Pixies could this be?’ And the answer’s, well, none. None more Pixies.


I beg to differ, both sides of A Hard Days Night are as close to perfection as anyone has ever come…

However, different strokes and all that.


However my age may have come into this judgement (you had to be there as they say!)


You make a valid point. The albums couldn’t be at more opposing ends of The Beatles spectrum, so it’s very tough to make any kind of qualitative comparison, it comes down to personal preferences. A Hard Day’s Night is so good though - so much better than everything else they did pre-Rubber Soul, and by extension arguably better than everything else in rock n’ roll up to that point. Loads of great tracks on it, many of them generally overlooked. I’m a huge fan of ‘You Can’t Do That’ and ‘I’ll Be Back’ in particular.


When you’ve got that many songs to fit into an album I guess it would have to take time - I wouldn’t know where to start to be honest! Weird that they ended up by kicking the album off with two full-band tracks which didn’t have Ringo on drums…

Here’s Paul’s response to George Martin’s suggestion that they should have whittled the tracks down and released it as a single album:

Yep, nailed it.


Ha ha! Excellent… :rofl::rofl:

And Oh, man, how much I love Happiness is a Warm Gun :heart_eyes:

Edit: that’s it! Going to go and stick the vinyl on right now!


It’s like a whistlestop tour of 50s and 60s rock n’ roll in 4 minutes, dripping with innuendo. Phenomenal track :+1:


The Breeders did a rather lacklustre, slightly stoned version of it - do you know it?


Nope! The Breeders turning in a decidedly mellow version would seem entirely in keeping. I’ll have to give that a listen a little later (I’ve got The Velvet Underground & Nico on at the moment, and it wouldn’t do to interrupt it :wink: )