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Favourite artist and track



It’s so mellow it’s virtually asleep!

I’m on Rocky Racoon now :grinning:


And whilst the White Album is my personal favourite, and Sgt Pepper is their grandest statement, Revolver is the one that just hits you in the face with one belter after another. Better than pretty much anyone else’s Best Of.

I have this separation elsewhere:

Queen II = personal favourite
Night At The Opera = grandest statement
Sheer Heart Attack = most smashingest


That’s my open mic night party piece!


Station to Station = personal favourite
Low = grandest statement
Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars = most smashingest

That said, it’s pretty tricky to apply the grandest statement tag with Bowie. You could use it on Diamond Dogs, Low, Young Americans, maybe even Hunky Dory or Blackstar…


Every single time we go to a National Trust property, my brain starts shouting A SOAP IMPRESSION OF HIS WIFE…


The White Album was one of the first albums I bought. I saved up my pocket money for ages to afford it and was not disappointed. One of my favourite Beatles albums. - along with Abbey Road and the very early one called, I think, Please Please Me. Some great tracks on there including Love Me Do and covers of Bacharach (Baby it you) and Twist and Shout. Raw but great.


I used to have some of those early Beatles on 45 including Twist and Shout, She Loves You, Help etc.

Sadly long since disappeared, I have no idea where!


Driving back home from a big Tesco shopping expedition today, we ended up listening to Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. We have a very soft spot for this album - we played it to death when we started going out 13 years ago - although we each love a different track on it. My other half gets all misty eyed at ‘Beside You’, whereas I just melt as soon as the first notes of ‘Sweet Thing’ come on.

A difficult album to drive to, mind you…! All this misty-eyed business ain’t too good for visibility! :thinking:


I still have my matrix 1 early Rolling Stones LPs but normally my main listening is opera, in particular any Verdi or Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana.


Oh, and this show might be of interest to some of you lovelies, on tour now:


cannot believe this song is 50 years old… spookily accurate


One of the few Prog bands that I like.


I saw these guys in Brighton on Monday. When they played music they were incredible, but the gig featured a slightly odd half hour of repartee between the frontman and the crowd, along with a bizarre dance competition. I rather enjoyed it though to be honest.

In my opinion, Deerhunter are the greatest band of the century so far. :sunglasses:


I’m really getting into ‘On the Boards’ album by Taste.

Absolutely LOVE Rory Gallagher’s guitar, and although his voice hasn’t got the depth I usually like, it’s bluesy and fuzzy and matches his guitar perfectly. Great, quite raw, album and a very late find for us! :+1: :+1:


‘Live Taste’ was a formative record for me. Think I was about ten at the time.

Thank you Uncle Terry !


Not a prog fan myself but King Crimson were/are something else. Both Red and Starless and Bible Black still do it for me today.


Awesome lineup. The Wetton/Bruford rhythm section was unbeatable.


Getting my geek on at the chopping board:


I felt pity for your vegetables around the 9 minute mark !


Nearly lost a finger! :laughing: