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Favourite Netflix Series


In the middle of series two of Peaky Blinders. It’s so gripping!


I’ve just watched, on catch-up, last nights climax series 4.

Wow – you have a treat to discover!


One to add to the list that I discovered over the Christmas break:


Like an extended riff on The Silence of The Lambs its gruesome without being gory and has a sufficiently slow pace to ward off comparisons with the standard police procedural.


Both my wife and I have given up on Netflix, lots of content, nothing to watch, used to be really good to go on and find a film to watch, now its just full of Netflix original content which none of it has really caught our eye.


I’ve heard lots in the media about the rise of the box sets and longer format programming in general - often in the context in which ‘TV’ series are replacing movies in the non-blockbuster category.

My observation is that one clear advantage of a long format series over a 2 hour movie is lifestyle related. I can’t recall the last evening when I had two whole hours to watch a movie (and movies are getting longer and longer). If I ever do I tend to fall asleep well before the hour mark…there must be about a dozen movies tagged abandoned/dozed off. They are then hard to come back to (even good ones); at least with Breaking Bad or whatever you can come and go as you please, as they more ‘lived in’.


Just done episode 2 of series 4 - amazing. I love the way each episode finishes with expectation, a cliffhanger or something totally out of the blue! 4 more episodes to go!


Sorry to revive this thread, but we have been watching season one of the ‘Good wife’ and found it difficult to put down. It just became availble on Amazon. Thoroughly enjoyable and a bit if fun to see what the norm was in 2007.


So it’s Amazon Prime but series 2 of Goliath is now Available :+1::grimacing:!!


How far have you got?!?! This is my ultimate series - I absolutely loved it and have a feeling your mind will be blown in later series! It’s the only show where I’ve ever finished an episode and found myself wandering around in a “WTF!” daze for days afterwards. You’ll know the one when you see it. But honestly, the whole thing is just brill.


We have watched all of it and it does not fade.

Have been watching a couple of other series on Amazon Prime recently…

The Purge (season 2 now) - gory
The Fantastic Mrs Maisel (season 3 now) - funny
The Man in the High Castle (season 4 now) - intriguing
New Amsterdam (season 2 now) - heavy
The Bridge (just started season 1) - dark - this I paid extra for, the rest were included

but enjoyed all of them… looking for other… similar (included in Prime preferably) if anyone has any recommendations


I’m not a big TV person…our amazon prime recently watched list consist of lots of lego animation series !

I did like the first jack Ryan season and have seen that season 2 is now out…one to watch over the xmas hols


ours is dominated by Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Gruffalo (Stick Man, too)


I’m a bit gutted it’s not on Netflix any more (I don’t think?!) as I really think I’d start from the beginning. Although I’m not sure I’m emotionally able to go through some of the later series, haha.

Thanks for this - I’d been meaning to give it a try.

We’ve also got Good Omens on our list, and I was gutted they removed Greys Anatomy last week (I’d only got to Series 8!!) - but our current Prime binge is Modern Family. I’d dismissed it and I’m kicking myself, because it so, so clever and funny. Really wonderful performances all round - @MrLaura and I find ourselves in hysterics almost every episode.


We watched Good Omens, for me the weirdness outweighed the funniness. I don’t mind having watched it, but… Also watched Giri Haji on the BBC iPlayer, which again was too weird for my liking (though did like the story telling).


The Boys on Amazon Prime is quite amusing / dark / gory.

A quite different take on the Superhero genre. Series 2 trailer has been released, so it doesn’t end there.


Oh yes… I watched the first episode… that should be next when my wife is out…


Oh dear! I’ll be honest, my main reason for watching it was David Tennant… :see_no_evil: I’ll probably give it a try. :wink:


Oh, and who could blame you?!! :heart_eyes:


You should, the characters are good.


Money Heist (with subs, never dubs).