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Favourite summer roses 2019?


I really should update you all on my pink wine quest!

@tom - really enjoyed both the Mesclances and Corse-Calvi - the Mesclances in particular was utterly lovely (and I wasn’t expecting to like it as much because it was so light!) Definite buy-again wine.

@Inbar That Tavel!! :heart_eyes: It is possibly my fave ever rose. I can see why people buy it by the case!

@Kent_wino - I shared the Galoupet with a friend in the garden and it disappeared very quickly over lots of good conversation! :smile: We both really loved it, and I’d probably never have chosen it, so thanks.

I also bought a bottle of the Muga rose, but it doesn’t appear to be on our website, sadly. Highly recommend it if you can get some. :slight_smile:


Majestic also used to stock it but I buy mine here :yum::point_up:


I read this as roses and thought “Oh, that’s a good idea - I like Gertrude Jeykll” before I realised my fundamental error…


The Muga rose was on the website for a few weeks, up until a couple of weeks ago. So I guess Laura, you picked up one of the last few showroom bottles.


Oh no! I’ll have to pop by later and see if they have any left and snaffle another one.

That’s good intel, thanks @Leah, at least I can always find it somewhere! :smiley:

Last night I was at the M-I-L’s for Quizzy Mondays and she had bought a bottle of this from Sainsburys:


I was pretty impressed, actually! Lacked some of the depth/complexity of the roses I tried above, but then it’s only £7! Went very well with Spanish pork stew. :slight_smile:


Aldi used to sell an absolutely lovely Touraine Rose - but looks like it’s out of stock at the moment. If it ever comes back - you should definitely give it a go! It trumps the Sainsbury’s one in my opinion. :slight_smile:


That’s a great shout, thanks Inbar! We do regularly use Aldi so I’ll keep an eye out. I don’t think I’ve tried many of their roses, I’m guessing it’s a bit hit and miss but I’ll report back if I find any gems.


We’ve drunk a few rosés this year but certainly not as many as 2018’s summer.

I would give a big recommendation to that Tavel as well - such a good wine. Real depth of flavour and works brilliantly with food or just sun :sunglasses:

On that theme we went for a few of the darker rosés this year and really enjoyed them, along with a few standard Provence numbers.

This Provence was a winner and also a big tick for the Eulalie previously mentioned.
Côteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé, Domaine Tour Campanets 2018

Of the darker hued ones I thought this best - great with some BBQ marinated chicken
Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, Contesa 2018
and this great value
Señorio de Sarrίa Rosado, Navarra 2018


We are also fans of the Bel Air Perponcher rose. A Bordeaux wine under screwtop - that is quite unusual I think. This summer our favourite rose, in an admittedly small field, was by Katy Jones and available at an excellent wine shop about 30 mins drive away.